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Picking Up The Pieces: Who Will Replace Greg Whittington?


It has now been two days since the news of Greg Whittington's torn ACL was first revealed on THE GLOBAL PHENOMENON and while undoubtedly most Hoyas fans are still in shock at the prospect of heading into next season without the guy who was supposed to lead this team to greatness, it's time to pick up the pieces and take a look at who may step up to fill Whittington's shoes. Here once again to provide us with some insight into this is Hoya 247, a site devoted to all things Georgetown. The below is re-printed with permission from the powers that be at Hoyas 247, and if you like what you see I strongly encourage you to join the site. It's a pay site but they are offering a free trial until the end of August.

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Who Will Replace Greg Whittington?

The Georgetown Hoyas suffered a major blow today when it was reported that small forward Greg Whittington suffered what is considered to be a significant knee injury which could force him to miss a large portion of the 2013-2014 season.

<a class='sbn-auto-link' href=Stephen Domingo" />

Stephen Domingo graduated high school early to join the Hoyas for the 2012-2013 season.

Georgetown is now left with a hole in the middle of their starting lineup. With the backcourt covered by Markel Starksand D'Vauntes Smith-Rivera and Nate Lubick and Mikael Hopkins anchoring the paint it was expected that Greg Whittington would be one of the key pieces to push Georgetown over the top in the new Big East.

With that being said, someone will need to step up and fill the role that Whittington was expected to have this season. In this article I am going to examine who those options might be and what they could bring to the Hoya lineup should they slide into the starting SF position.

The Candidates

Stephen Domingo:

The former four-star recruit enrolled at Georgetown for the 2012-2013 season after deciding to graduate from high school early. As a freshman Domingo saw limited action averaging only 5.6 minutes per contest in what would have been his senior year of high school had he not elected to leave St. Ignatious College Prep early.

While he did not receive the opportunity to produce much on the floor for the Hoyas Domingo was able to get a year of learning the system under his belt. Being known as a knock down shooter who can run off of screens for catch and shoot opportunities as well as create something off of the dribble before elevating for a jumper won't hurt Domingo's case either. If Domingo was able to put some weight on his frame in the offseason, which we'll be able to see in July at the Kenner League, I would have to think he has a strong chance at moving into the starting spot.

Reggie Cameron:

The Hoyas lone commitment in the 2013 class could make an earlier push for playing time than had been previously anticipated due to the bind Georgetown finds them in with Whittington's injury. Being noted as an "exceptional shooter" one could see how a player like Cameron could come in and be able to contribute in some capacity right away.

Reggie Cameron

Sharp shooting freshman Reggie Cameron could come in and earn minutes right away.

One thing Cameron would bring to the table is the ability to rebound the basketball effectively. As a senior at Hudson Catholic Cameron averaged 10.1 rebounds and 20.1 points per game while shooting 50% from beyond the arc. That desire to hit the boards on offense and defense could be enough to help push Cameron's minutes up during his freshman campaign. It is important to note that the Hoyas did not only lose Whittington's 12 points per game but also the seven rebounds he'd average per contest.

Jabril Trawick:

While Trawick is more of a shooting guard than a small forward standing at 6-5 he is a more than solid 210 pounds making him plenty capable of absorbing contact and defending effectively on the wing. After averaging over 25 minutes of action per game last year Trawick is clearly one of JTIII's more trusted options off the bench and could be looked toward as a solution at this position early on in the season.

Going this direction could potentially hurt the Hoyas in terms of their effectiveness from beyond the arc as Trawick is a career 28% three point shooter. Both Domingo and Cameron, at face value, appear to be better options with regard to their outside shot than Trawick would be. However, neither has the type of experience that Jabril would be able to bring to the starting lineup should the coaching staff decide to go that route and play more of a three guard rotation along with Starks and Smith-Rivera.

What to watch for

The Kenner League, which begins next month, should provide an opportunity for someone to step up and show that they are deserving of the minutes which are now out there for grabs. With Whittington's injury surfacing today the spotlight will be even greater on the Hoyas vying for the starting spot this upcoming season.

Should Stephen Domingo come out and have a strong showing it could go a long way towards him locking up the starting small forward position in my opinion. By coming in and learning the system a year earlier than originally anticipated he has put himself in a position to have a leg up on the competition here. A strong performance this summer will almost assuredly put him in the drivers seat for the starting spot heading into practice this fall.

However, if Domingo struggles and is less than convincing at the Kenner it should open the door for both Reggie Cameron and Jabril Trawick to have the chance to crack the starting lineup. If there is one thing that can surely be taken away from today's news it is that the upcoming Kenner League just increased in importance.

What do you think that the Hoyas should do to address the small forward position now that it appears Greg Whittington will miss a significant amount of time?