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Georgetown Hoyas News and Notes: Theo Pinson, Remaining '13 Scholarship and Two Spots To Fill on Coaching Staff?

Theo Pinson, a 6'6" small forward from Greensboro, North Carolina, is set to make his college choice tomorrow. Pinson, a 5-star player and the 13th ranked player in ESPN's Top 60 in the Class of 2014, will choose among Georgetown, Indiana, UNC, Duke and Louisville. Though it is widely believed that come Wednesday Pinson will be a Hoosier, nonetheless below are some highlights of the sweet-shooting forward:

Should Pinson pop for Georgetown, he will join point guard Tre Campbell and forward Isaac Copeland in Georgetown's Class of 2014. Both Campbell and Copeland have already been out on the AAU circuits promoting the school to other prized recruits, as Campbell has been working 4-star guard Dion Wiley and Copeland has been working on big man Elbert Robinson:

"We just got Tre Campbell to commit so we need a big, I'm trying to get Elbert Robinson from Texas to come." Robinson himself is a past Nations Elite interviewee. Elbert and Issac had a chance to bond on a visit of which Copeland says "He was there (Georgetown) when I visited, so I got his number so I try to talk to him every once in a while to let him know that we want him." Copeland is playing this summer with Garner Road but says he'll cross paths with Robinson "I'll see him at some camps this summer so I'll make sure I talk to him.

In other Hoyas news, Memphis transfer Tarik Black decided to attend Kansas yesterday, choosing to spend his final season of remaining eligibility with the Jayhawks over Georgetown, Duke and Oregon. Georgetown had been dangling its still-available scholarship in the Class of 2013 in front of Black, who would have competed for minutes in Georgetown's somewhat clogged 4/5 spot with Josh Smith, Nate Lubick, Mikael Hopkins, Moses Ayegba and the emerging Bradley Hayes. By the way, from this day forward I shall always refer to Bradley Hayes as "the emerging Bradley Hayes" until I have reason to stop doing so.

With Black's decision to attend Kansas, it's not clear whether Georgetown will use its remaining scholarship or simply sit on it, something the program has done with frequency in the past. At this point it would seem the Hoyas could use a veteran point guard to compete for minutes to back up Markel Starks, but it's slim pickings out there right now.

In addition to the available scholarship, Georgetown has not one but two spots open on its staff, as Mike Brennan has reportedly taken Director of Basketball Operations Scott Greenman with him to American. Casual sources can confirm that John Thompson III is in the process of interviewing candidates to fill these spots, and one would have to assume that Othella Harrington would be promoted from "special assistant" to a bigger role in which he could hit the recruiting trail along with Kevin Broadus and Kenya Hunter. JT3 might opt for another young Princeton mind out there to replace Greenman.