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Georgetown Reveals First Glimpse of New Intercollegiate Athletics Center

Georgetown gave us our first look at what the new Intercollegiate Athletics Center will look like yesterday in this majestic three minute and 10 second animated video of hope and dreams.

From 'The Campaign for Georgetown' site:

The four-story, 130,000-square-foot building will be the first new athletics facility on campus in more than 60 years. It will be constructed adjacent to McDonough Gymnasium and include:

- Practice courts, locker rooms, team meeting rooms, lounge areas and coaches' offices for men's and women's basketball
- Locker rooms for four additional varsity sports
- Weight-training and sports medicine rooms for all varsity athletes
- Student-athlete academic center, auditorium and team meeting facilities for all varsity programs
- A new venue for the Georgetown Athletics Hall of Fame

The $60 million facility is the single largest capital project of this campaign. It will be a state-of-the-art building commensurate with our ambition to provide an athletics experience that develops talent, character and leadership-skills that transcend any sport and enrich any career path.

Sweet! According to Athletic Director Lee Reed, the initial funding targets for the IAC have been met and the design phase, expected to take 9 months, is now in process. The IAC will finally give Georgetown the state of the art athletics facility that a nationally ranked powerhouse basketball program deserves.

Hoya Saxa.