50 States, 1 Georgetown - Updated 4/26 - Now at 47 States

UPDATED Friday April 26, 2013

Inspired by the GLOBAL PHENOMENON we've decided to give it a go at world domination ourselves, and by world domination we mean selling scarves and uniting Georgetown fans across the United States of America!

We're excited to announce that as of today, the scarf has been purchased online and shipped to 47 of 50 states plus the District, but we'd like to see that become 50 of 50 states before we move on to conquering foreign lands.

We'd love your help in showing just how extensive the reach of the Hilltop is. Please take a look at this map, share it with your friends and family, particularly those in Alaska, Hawaii and Montana and let's turn the whole damn thing GRAY!




Stay Casual, my friends.