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Georgetown Stonewalls to Display Biggest Tifo Ever for Syracuse Finale

American Heroes Battle Forces of Evil, Graphically

Your trusty fanatics extraordinaire are pulling out all the stops for the final Georgetown-Syracuse Big East match-up in D.C. At tomorrow's showdown with the hated Orange, the Stonewalls are planning on displaying the largest tifo they've ever created, and the largest ever displayed at any college basketball game. Their full press release is here.

For the one percent of you who do not know already, the Stonewalls are a group of super-duper fans based in Section 118 of the Verizon Center. They have quickly have attracted attention for their eye-grabbing banners and flags at Georgetown home games. Highlights have included the declaration "Basketball is Our Religion," shown during the home game against current and future conference mate Marquette, and, at the non-contest against the defecting Pitt Panthers, the message "Traitors and Liars Will Not Be Missed," which in retrospect was the only thing worth watching in that game.

Against those high standards, the Stonewalls' forthcoming banners for the Syracuse game ought to be doozies. And the advance photos they've released suggest as much, including a tribute to Otto Porter and a tifo they've tantalizingly titled, "Jack and Orange."

Also, the Vatican announced that the vote for the next pope will begin next Tuesday. Coincidence? I think not. #stonewallsforpope.