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Introducing the 4th Annual Casual Extravaganza!

Courtesy of GIF Goddess HoyaSaxual

The most anticipated event on the planet is finally around the corner! This Saturday, as the curtain comes down on the greatest of Big East rivalries, we present to you the most magnificent of blog-based parties! Friends and foes, it is time for The Fourth Annual Casual Extravaganza!

For those new to the event, CXIV will continue is the tradition unlike any other, where your favorite Casualties are released from their mothers' basements to eat, drink, and commit sophomoric acts of unbridled debauchery. This year's Extravaganza will be BIGGER and BOLDER than any blog event in the history of the world!

Here is a quick recap of previous events:

CXI: Casual swag was used in the most unconventional of ways (not fit for print), and after six hours of drinking,itsallthatmatters remembered to inform his bestest blog friends that he recently knocked up his wife - leading to not one, but TWO shout-outs from the bar DJ. There were Kelly Clarkson songs and there was dancing. I don't remember the rest. Neither does anyone else.

CXII: Casualties went through 14.5 kegs of Bud Light at Iron Horse and a truck full of Wonky Dogs. There was much joy and revelry, and no one fell down the stairs. I don't remember the rest. Neither does anyone else.

CXIII: Casualties rejoiced after a satisfying shellacking of Villanova and some idiots waited on lines for 30 minutes just to get a chance to meet and great their fellow blog buddies. "Don't Stop Believing" was played a few times and the DC Slices food truck was parked outside to satiate the masses. There were body shots and someone might have fallen down the stairs, but that's not my problem.

Details for CXIV, this Saturday, March 9th:

    The Casual Postgame Fiesta will once again be at Iron Horse Tap Room (507 7th St. NW - 7th between E and F). Iron Horse has kindly extended its happy hour to begin at 2pm - that means $2 off ALL DRAFT BEER, $5 rail drinks and $5 shots of the newly invented - HOYA SHOTZA!!

    CasuALE beer tasting event!
    That's right, folks! The world's first and finest BLOG BEER will be available to Casualties for FREE! CasuALE Brewmaster Mark Girard is bringing the equivalent of 10 gallons kegged, or just over 4 cases of CasuALE to the Iron Horse! Due to the limited supply of CasuALE and the expected crushing crowds that will most certainly make you hate yourself for being there in the first place, we will be limited to tasting samples of 4 to 6 ounces per pour which equates to just under 200 pours.


    CASUAL NAME TAGS! Are you sick of living your entire blog life in relative anonymity? Are you curious to meet the faces behind the creative handles of fellow blogfolk that you have come to hate more than life itself! If so, YOUR WAIT IS OVER! Simply fill out one of these bad boys and rock on!


    Hungry? What better way to satisfy your hunger pangs than by indulging in what we in Mother's Basement know best! That's right, DOUBLE STUF OREOS!

    There will be CASUAL SWAG and lots of it. Those of you who have been clamoring for a casual headband, now's your damn chance! Show up and get one!

    Rivalry. Emotion. Blog Beer.

    WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG?!?!? Proudly Promoting Internet Friendships Since 2009.

    See you at the Iron Horse, everyone!

    (Note: Kate Upton will not be at the Iron Horse.)