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Peanut Gallery: Georgetown Hoyas vs. Villanova Wildcats

What some Hoyas are thinkin' about the Hoyas.

View from the DJ Booth - A Musical Perspective from lordnick:

CAUTION TO THE WIND. So I didn't realize the Cranberries had broken up and then reunited. Here's a nice Irish gentleman talking about that. Here's what he is not doing: SINGING A SONG. I am sick and tired of the Cranberries. I don't want to hear about them anymore, I don't want to listen to their stupid b-sides. I hate Dolores O'Mc'Irishwoman's accent. I WANT IT TO END. I want to start fresh for Cuse and the Casual Extravaganza and would not be able to handle taking 13-game winning streak into the Big East Tournament. I would also kill myself when the 1-seed Hoyas loser to Mercer. Aim lower: 2-seed! Let's Go Nova! CLAP CLAP CLAP-CLAP-CLAP

View from the Student Section - A Youthful Perspective from Campus

I greet all you Casualties from sunny Topsail Beach, North Carolina! I guess that means I'm currently at the climate-opposite of DC, which I have been led to believe is currently experiencing a widespread Nate Lubick event or something. Anyway, first off, fuck Rutgers. They give me a very non-casual angst-filled first night of spring break and can't even repay me with winning a game they had a double digit lead in on Tuesday? Thanks a lot assholes. Now I get to worry about another group of HDCs, the Villanova Whinercats. Seriously SWTE guy, quit bitching, this was your best option and you damn well know it. Considering Nova pissed away their tourney security with that abomination of a loss against Seton Hall followed by their complete choke job against Pitt, we get to face a desperate team tonight. Awesome. We're not used to it, but we're the team with the target on our back now so we're gonna have to up our play to an even higher level. Good news here is that the arena might be less rowdy than usual with all the students on break. I'll be watching from our house's Casual Theater Room, perhaps with a cold brew in hand. For those brave souls traveling through the snow to Philadelphia, I salute you. I hear the most fun thing to do in Philly is run around and yell at everyone you see about how bad the Eagles suck. I mean really, they really suck. Anyway, Hoya Saxa!

View from the Cheap Seats - A Nervous Perspective from JahidiLikesPie:

For all of the people on here that feel that my pantsshitting nervousness levels aren't grounded in any reality are WRONG today! I am incapable of doing any work and this will be the first time it has happened this season. I will spend the rest of the day reading everything on the web about this game. I have already learned that these guys need this win, but so do we (I liked what Markel had to say about that)! Their ability to get bigs into foul trouble is a concern. The way that they grab and hold is a bigger, more annoying concern. The biggest concern for me is Jay Fucking Wright. I want to keep our domination of him going. That is all.

Nervousness Level: Holy Bastard Child of the Alien from 'Independence Day' and 'Alien' Nuclear Glowing Green Shit!

View from the Sports Book
- An Unbiased Perspective from Vegas:

The Line: Villanova -1.5. Over/under 121.5.

This is the kind of line that makes me light myself on fire, cringe in fear and run for the hills (in no particular order). Squares will see this line and run to the books to dump all of their money on Georgetown, but sharps see this a different way and this line has shifted from Hoyas -1 all the way to Nova -1.5. Yikes. Will Georgetown's winning streak coming crashing to an end in Philly? It might, but I'll gladly take the points and see what happens.

The pick is Georgetown +1.5. Final score Hoyas 62 - Wildcats 59.

Casual Hoya is 16-7 ATS this season.
Overall 72-41-1.