Casual GameWatch: Hoyas @ Villanova


What is it with playing Villanova in the snow? We no doubt will need all the wintery help we can get, as our scrappy younger brother up I-95 would like nothing more than to bloody the nose of a surging Georgetown. (Such an injury is not to be confused with self-inflicted nasal damage caused by decades of cocaine use. Different kind of snow.)

Onto business - brave the conditions and get thee to the last regular season Casual gamewatch...

Where: Iron Horse (507 7th St, NW)

When: Tip is 7pm

What: Drink specials galore to fend off the weather outside...

$3 Bud Lights

$3 Miller Lights

$4 Flying Dog (exact varietal TBD)

$4 DC Brau Public

$5 Rail Drinks

$5 Hoya Shotza


Stay Casual, my friends.

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