(Hypothetical) Casual Roadtrip IV: ThunderBus II?

From your Casual Tour Directors WarmupEwing and jwallobjects


We have a big weekend in Philly coming up, maybe you've heard about it. On Friday, we have a showdown with the A-Sun champs. If we somehow emerge triumphant/avoid catastrophic defeat, our next date with destiny will be on Sunday, March 24, at the Wells Fargo Center. As I'm sure you have all predicted in your Casual Bracket Competitions, our hypothetical future Dance partners are the almost-BE Aztecs of SDSU or the Sooners of Oklahoma.

Now, hypothetically speaking, we have a shot at winning on Friday. So your friends at Casual ThunderTours are making hypothetical plans to rent a hypothetical bus in order to hypothetically have an awesome roadtrip and tailgate in Philly on Sunday. Are you interested in exploring this fantasy? If so, here's fuel for the imagination:

ThunderBus run to Philly. Pre-/post-game tailgate. Spiritually invigorating win/emotionally crippling loss.

Who: We need at least 30 people to make this viable.

How much: $40 roundtrip (expecting 30 riders)

Where: DC (probably outside the Verizon Center) to Philly (Wells Fargo Center). No stops.

When: Sunday - time TBD. Arriving before Game 1, departing after Game 2.

Now, this is for the trip ONLY. We encourage all Hoyas to get tickets to the game, but unfortunately we cannot provide our normal train/bus & game package.

We are in the process of making this logistically sound, but want to see if any DC Hoyas are on board to make sure it's viable in the first place. If interested, please email CasualThunderTransport at gmail dot com.

You may now resume obsessing about FGCU.

Hoya Saxa

Stay Casual, my friends.