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Selection Sunday Open Thread!

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Selection Sunday! St. Patrick's Day! Greatest day of the year! Pound your Guinness and down that corned beef and cabbage, as Georgetown's path to the Final Four will be unveiled at 6pm on the NCAA Tournament Selection Show on CBS. For those on campus, remember to head to Red Square at 4:45 to meet the Stonewalls and THE TEAM to march to Leo's where CBS will be covering the festivities on campus starting at 5pm.

The general consensus among the "bracketologists" across the country is that the Hoyas will be a 2-seed and playing its first two games in Philadelphia:

ESPN: Bracket update (2 seed in Philadelphia)

Bracket Guy Dave (2 seed in Philadelphia)

Bracket Matrix (anywhere from a 2 seed to 3 seed)

Below is an evaluation of the teams eligible for 2 and 3 seeds:

I think this is a "body of work" vs "recency effect" argument

… having been used to hearing ESPN say that they misjudged a projected seed because "clearly, the committee viewed the entire body of work", whereas they treated bracketology like an extension of their weekly top 25 rankings, sliding teams in and out. Where in actuality, the last loss of the season in a tournament should not move you as much (unless the team you lost to was particularly bad, or you were on the bubble, etc…)

Here’s the teams in question (since the discussion is 2-seeds, I omitted Louisville, Gonzaga, Indiana, Kansas, who most seem to think are 1’s…

(Yes, this is a spreadsheet I made for my own use… yes I’m quite the numbers nerd… but yes, my friends and I picked the bracket better than over half of The Bracket Project’s matrix of people.)

Tick tock.

Hoya Saxa.