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Less than 24 hours to go until the final Big East battle between Georgetown and Syracuse at the Carrier Dome and what a pleasant little surprise just arrived in our casual inbox from the Syracuse University Office of Athletic Compliance! Wait, I know what you're thinking...Syracuse has an Office of Athletic Compliance? Well, apparently it does!

In response to a brilliant concept for a mere t-shirt, it took just under one day for this office to send us a letter introducing themselves. And no, it wasn't a friendly one either! It's A CEASE AND DESIST LETTER!

Anyone else find it Interesting that this Office of Athletic Compliance took less than one day to fire this over to us when it has been MONTHS since Syracuse guard Michael Carter-Williams was caught shoplifting and has missed a whopping zero minutes of playing time?

Anyone else find it odd that the Syracuse University Office of Athletic Compliance apparently uses a COMIC SANS FONT for copies of its NCAA Bylaws?

Anyone else find it shocking that Syracuse University has circled its wagons to protect bylaws and trademarks involving Syracuse players rather than protect MEMBERS OF ITS OWN STUDENT BODY from same?

Anyone else find it puzzling that this letter apparently came from inside Manley Field House which has been closed since 1980?

Thanks for the communication, Office of Athletic Compliance.

And sorry for the um, "misunderstanding".

Hoya Saxa.