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T-Shirts? We Can Play That Game Too

Order by February 23rd. Proceeds will go to the Boys and Girls Club of Syracuse.

We all know that Syracuse has become infamous for producing t-shirts to commemorate random events, with the recent "We Are #1" shirts produced last season being the biggest joke of them all.

Well, since we at Georgetown aren't so prolific as our t-shirt loving eskimos to the North, here is an offering that, frankly, EVERY Georgetown fan must have as part of his or her Casual Collection. Additionally, as if owning this t-shirt is not enough, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to charity. THAT'S RIGHT. DOING GOOD AND REMINDING THE WORLD WHY SYRACUSE SUCKS.

Without further ado, I present you with the below:



Wait, what does the back say that image is too small!


The text on the back reads as follows, and is taken from our epic Crimes and Misdemeanors: Syracuse opus earlier this season:

The Many Alleged Crimes of Syracuse Against Society

1976 - SYRACUSE hires Jim Boeheim as head basketball coach
1981 - SYRACUSE PLAYERS charged with rape
1988 - SYRACUSE PLAYER charged with harassment
1989 - SYRACUSE PLAYER charged with harassment again, pleads guilty
1991 - SYRACUSE PLAYER investigated for assaulting a Syracuse resident
1992 - SYRACUSE PLAYER arrested for fighting two police officers
1993 - SYRACUSE PLAYERS destroy property outside bar
1993 - SYRACUSE PLAYER charged with breaking into car
1995 - SYRACUSE PLAYER falsified his transfer transcript
1996 - SYRACUSE PLAYER suspended for physically harming female student
2001 - SYRACUSE PLAYER suspended for alleged rape and sexual harassment
2001 - SYRACUSE PLAYER suspended for driving while intoxicated
2002 - SYRACUSE PLAYER charged with hitting female team mascot
2004 - SYRACUSE PLAYER charged with drug possession
2007 - SYRACUSE PLAYERS put on probation for threatening mental health of female
2008 - SYRACUSE PLAYER put on probation for harming a student
2008 - SYRACUSE fires dean who pursued players' sexual assault charges
2008 - SYRACUSE PLAYER hits female student in the face
2011 - SYRACUSE PLAYER charged with criminal mischief
2011 - SYRACUSE ASSISTANT fired amid abuse allegations
2012 - SYRACUSE found to have hidden 10 positive drug tests by basketball players
2012 - SYRACUSE PLAYER caught shoplifting
2013 - SYRACUSE continues to fail to address their lack of institutional control
2013 - SYRACUSE leaves the Big East

OMG that is like, so amazing how do I get one in time for the game on March 9th? HERE'S HOW! This, from the t-shirt's genius creator:

I created a gmail account to track the orders. If people can email the account with their contact information, quantity and sizes, I'll be able to get an accurate idea of what to order. The price of the shirt is contingent upon the number of orders placed, but I'm guessing that it would be in the range of $10 - $20. I'm happy to underwrite the initial cost myself, but I will start a Paypal account after the order is placed to facilitate payment.

I live and work in Washington DC and so I'll be able to distribute the shirts within the area leading up to the game. I've never done large scale shipping before, but I imagine it wouldn't be difficult to ship people's orders once the shirts are in, although it would be much easier to distribute them to people once they come in for the game if possible. To any extent people are available to help with the logistics of this I would be grateful.

An order will be placed on Saturday, February 23rd so get your t-shirt orders in quickly.

WHY ARE YOU STILL READING THIS? Send an email with your order to RIGHT NOW!

Hoya Saxa!