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Coach's Corner: Division 1 Coach on Keys to Beating Oregon


With Georgetown's season opener against Oregon now a mere hours away, I asked a Division 1 coach who has prepared for Oregon in the past for a few hints to help the Hoyas take down the Ducks.  Here's what he said:

- The key for Georgetown will be to contain forwards Damyean Dotson and Joseph Young.  Dotson is an NBA-level talent, an athletic wing who can shoot and drive.  I never saw Young play live at Houston, but I've seen him on tape and he likes to jack up shots from all over the floor.

- Mike Moser has pro level talent and a rebounding fool.  He's been banged up in past few years but should be able to make an impact on the glass.

- Oregon is going to press after made baskets and free throws and will try to change defenses in order to confuse Georgetown and cause bad shots.  Oregon's matchup zone is good and I suspect you'll see a lot of it as the Ducks will try to throttle Josh Smith down low.  Attacking it will be key.  If you guys had someone like Otto Porter to break the zone I'd give you a big edge here, but I don't know who will fill that 'zone buster' void just yet on the Hoyas roster.  Whoever that flash cutter into the free throw area is will be important.  Not having a lengthy athletic wing who can pass could be problematic for you.

- Dana Altman is a very good coach.  His teams play hard, execute and are always prepared.

- Georgetown can beat Oregon without Artis.  With Artis, different story.  Artis is the key to that team, you guys got very lucky with him not playing.

- Georgetown's biggest advantage is going to be up front, and specifically at center.  Oregon's center is not good.  No one can guard Josh Smith if he's in shape, he's a monster.