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Sleeping with the Enemy: The Ducks of Oregon

Under the covers with the Oregon Ducks.

We're back! Your Georgetown Fighting Hoyas are ready to roll into its SEASON OF DESTINY and the first stop on the Delusion Train is in South Korea (naturally) where the Hoyas will take on the Oregon Ducks in the Armed Forces Classic.  Here to dish on Georgetown's first opponent of the season are our best blog friends at Addicted to Quack, the casually-named authority on all things Oregon.  Gentlemen, this bomber of CasuALE is for you. Let's do this.

Armed Forces Classic! You excited that the opener is being played at Camp Humphreys in South Korea?

Sure. I mean, it's nice for the troops and all that. But I'm just really excited for a hyped opener against a quality opponent. This program went through some really lean times the last seven years, and to be relevant again is refreshing.

Why is it that every time I look on my twitter feed it seems as if Oregon has just signed another transfer or the NCAA has granted an Oregon player's waiver? Related, are you good with the direction this program has taken under Dana Altman?

All your transfers are belong to us. I realize that it doesn't give off the best impression to some people, but it's really a genius way building a program in this day and age. Altman has made the most of the transfer rules, with transfers playing significant roles all four of his years here. The roster was so gutted and dilapidated when he took over that he needed guys just to field a team that wouldn't be terrible. He then realized that with the NCAA seemingly approving any and every request for immediate eligibility, that you can get some pretty awesome players that way, and stock your roster with a bunch of guys who will be immediately good rather than developmental pieces. Altman is winning, so he can do just about whatever he wants.

Where do you see the Ducks finishing in the Pac-12 this season and what would the Ducks have to do this season for you to deem it a success?

When you look at the talent on the roster, there is a potential top ten team here. That said, given how bad it was at the end of the Ernie Kent era, a second consecutive NCAA Tournament appearance would easily appease the fanbase at this point.

So...your basketball court. A dizzying mess or a dazzling wonder?

The whole brouhaha surrounding it is pretty overrated. In person, it's so subdued you barely notice it. It doesn't look great on TV, but whatever.

Who are some of the players that Georgetown needs to be worried about and why?

Guards, guards, and more guards. Sophomores Dominic Artis (yes, I realize he's not playing) and Damyean Dotson were the starting guards as freshman last year, with Dotson leading the team in scoring, and the team going 15-4 with Artis healthy. Johnathan Loyd, probably the best defender of the bunch, was the Pac-12 Tournament MVP and also returns for this senior season. Add to that two transfers who are scoring nightmares-Joseph Young who averaged 18 ppg at Houston, and Jason Calliste, who averaged 14 a game at Detroit, bring scoring punch and long distance shooting off the bench. They may combine a three or four guard lineup with Mike Moser, a double-double guy who was a Wooden candidate two years ago at UNLV before being injured most of last year. Scary potential if everyone gels and stays healthy.

Let's talk about the Oregon Dance Team for a second. Why is it that most of the members of this squad look like Knicks City Dancers or Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders compared to others schools' dance teams? Actually I don't really care what the answer to this question is, but consider this an internet high-five.

Oregon girls are hot. And it's not just the cheerleaders. I attribute this to the Willamette Valley having a big Scandinavian population. Have you ever seen a Swedish girl that wasn't amazing?

What are your feelings on Chip Kelly? Are you happy his offense is flailing in the NFL or do you feel bad for him?

Offense flailing? Did you see Nick Foles last weekend? We're generally supportive of Chip Kelly. We're not exactly missing him, and he's trying to make the No Fun League less boring. Statistically, his offense is fine. It's his defense that's a problem.

Do you think you could spare like 1% of the money Oregon blows on different uniforms and helmets for its football team each week so that Georgetown can build an athletic facility?

You'll have to ask Phil Knight about that.

Is Oregon entirely populated by burned-out old hippies, or is that just my uncle?

No, they just happen to smell the worst.

Please comment on this, Volume 1:

"I will never attend a duck game as a spectator again. I am disgusted by duck fans and I will sit back and observe from afar with high hopes for the player's success and understanding of their sacrifice, without having to hear the spoiled woes of ignorant fans. I will always love the ducks: my coaches, my teammates, my brothers and family. The rest... Go (expletive) yourselves."

Oregon has fans that get drunk and yell obscenities at football games? In other words, college football fans exist here, as they do in most states.

Please comment on this, Volume 2:

Bad decision by some dude in the marketing department.

Oregon's Willamette Valley produces some nice pinot noirs, arguably the best in the country. So our readers can get a better sense of who you are, tell us what your go-to drink is when you walk into a bar and feel free to give a couple of options if you need to. Note: you will be judged based on your response.

Wine is for people far more sophisticated than I. More importantly, Oregon ranks #2 in the nation in craft breweries per capita, and the quality and variety of beer here is otherworldly. If I walk into a bar in wanting a brew, give me a Ninkasi Total Domination IPA, brewed right in Eugene. If I want liquor, a Captain and Coke, please.

How will the suspensions of Dominic Artis and Ben Carter impact this game?

While Oregon the best team in the conference with Artis on the floor last season, the Ducks' backcourt depth leaves them in pretty good shape to weather that loss. Pac-12 Tournament MVP Johnathan Loyd likely slides into the starting point guard slot alongside Damyean Dotson, while Joseph Young and Jason Calliste-both big scorers who started at Houston and Detroit, respectively, last season-give the Ducks plenty of firepower at the guard positions.

The Carter suspension is more problematic. The Ducks are not nearly as deep in the frontcourt, where Carter was expected to start alongside UNLV transfer Mike Moser. Transfer Richard Amardi and Waverly Austin are the candidates to slide into that spot, though at this point Duck fans are pretty certain that Austin isn't a guy that should be playing big minutes on a team with NCAA Tournament aspirations.

Final score prediction?

Having not studied Georgetown a lick yet? I'll say 72-64 Ducks.