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Casual GameWatch: Georgetown v. Oregon


Funneling Jack is Back!

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls - from the DMV to the DMZ, this Friday night at 8pm your Georgetown Fighting Hoyas take on Oregon in the company of America's Finest stationed at Camp Humphreys, South Korea.

If you are unable to take the ThunderC-17 to the game, fret not, many of your fellow Casualties will gather this Friday at Iron Horse (507 7th St NW) for fun, frolics, and the following delightful drink specials:

$3 Light Beer
$4 DC Brau (either Corruption or Public depending on what they have on tap)
$4 Atlas Rowdy Rye Ale
$4 Flying Dog Pale Ale
$4 Narragansett Lager
$5 Rail Drinks

Remember kids - don't do ducks, quack is whack.