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Peanut Gallery: Lipscomb v. Georgetown

What some Hoyas are thinkin' about the Hoyas.

View from the DJ Booth - A Musical Perspective from lordnick:

Enya recorded eight albums so I think we're good until next year's NCAA championship.

View from the DJ Booth, Part II - A Musical Perspective from JasonClarksAlienArms who thinks he is a better Blog DJ than lordnick:

Am I the only one wondering what Josh Smith ate for thanksgiving? Lipscomb is next, time to get it started again.

View from the DJ Booth, Part III - A Musical Perspective from MCHoya who thinks he is a better Blog DJ than lordnick or

Remember when basketball games didn't consist of eighty-four foul shots and were shorter than two hours and forty-six minutes? Remember when beating a top-ten opponent would give you more AP votes than GW? Remember when games were played in the Capital Centre? (Well, I honestly can't say I remember that...)

Where have all the good times gone?

View from the DJ Booth, Part IV - A Musical Perspective from WarmupEwing, who also thinks he is a better Blog DJ than lordnick or JasonClarksAlienArms :

I think I've done my part to help save the season after the Northeastern debacle. As such, I am submitting my temporary resignation as Blog DJ. As a parting salute, I offer you the following. Until the next time:

View from the Student Section - A Youthful Perspective from Campus

I'ma be honest here. I don't know much about Lipscomb. However, I do know that they play in the same conference as Florida Gulf Coast, and that's enough to make me pants-shittingly scared about this game. I would not like a repeat please. I hope you all successfully gorged yourselves on turkey, stuffing, and PECAN pie. I know I won't have any problem falling into a tryptophan coma midway through this one. Hoya Saxa!

View from the Cheap Seats - A Nervous Perspective from JahidiLikesPie:

Lipscomb is a nice little school in a very relaxing part of Nashville, not too far from the inferiority complex-laden Belmont campus. I wonder if this team has its own inferiority complex with Belmont? This is potentially mind blowing. A team that thinks they are always as good as a team that always thinks they as good as the Georgetown team they face? Riveting! (Hey, I am trying to find something to grasp onto, here).

As far as their team goes, I will leave it to the rest of you GIF loving lame-asses to determine how we match up. I just know I can't justify making the trip down and I will likely watch on the uber clean and watchable Fox Sports 1. I also know that there is no chance LaPhonso Ellis will poison my ears on Saturday. For that, I am thankful.

Nervousness Level: Not Registering

View from the Sports Book
- An Unbiased Perspective from Vegas:

The Line: OFF (as of now)

Georgetown likely has a 20+ point edge in the computer models so Vegas may not even get us a line for this game. We'll see what happens. In other news, I'm frying a turkey as soon as this game ends and if Georgetown loses I am going to bathe myself in the bubbling hot boiling peanut oil.

The pick is FRIED TURKEY.

Casual Hoya is 4-1 ATS this season.

Overall 78-45-1.