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Peanut Gallery: Wright State Raiders vs. Georgetown Hoyas

What some Hoyas are thinkin' about the Hoyas.

View from the DJ Booth - A Musical Perspective from lordnick:


Give me a break.

View from the DJ Booth, Part II - A Musical Perspective from JasonClarksAlienArms who thinks he is a better Blog DJ than lordnick:

As I sit completely torn between getting on the delusion train or being a cynic given our lack of defense, I ask this question of the team...

View from the Student Section - A Youthful Perspective from Campus

Three numbers keep banging around in my head: 6, 36, and 25. 6, the percentage of attempted 3-pointers hit by the Hoyas on Friday night. 36, the number of free throws Oregon made. 25, the number of points scored by the behemoth that is Josh Smith. The first two of these numbers must change. The third, we can only pray does not. Friday night was frustrating. The thought that we would give up 82 points to a team without their starting point guard was pretty unfathomable, but yeah, that happened. And yet, we were within reach right up until the end. Friday night was most frustrating for me, and I imagine for many of you, because of the team's preference to continue shooting from distance despite being cold as ice and despite the presence of an unstoppable MANIMAL in the post. On EVERY possession I found myself imploring the gray-clad figures on my TV to dump it into Josh. If only they had heard my cries. But alas, we must look forward to our next opponent, as they are no slouch. Many have Wright State winning the Horizon; they are a very dangerous team. This is also the home opener for our beloved Hoyas. Unfortunately, other obligations will prohibit me from attending this glorious event, but I have it on good authority that a substantial number of New South residents will be attending, so you know it's gonna be a party. I hear the students are planning on bringing cake to set on the baseline so Josh runs faster to opposite ends of the court. Anyway, since we know in-game adjustments are not this team's MO, let's hope they made some between games. Time to get into that win column. Hoya Saxa.

View from the Cheap Seats - A Nervous Perspective from JahidiLikesPie:

I don't know what to think of tonight. I am not really an analysis guy, but I thought we could hit 3s and FTs and dictate pace. I was clearly wrong. Who knows what will happen on the court tonight? I do know that I WILL be able to watch in the NYC area, and for that I am thankful. I only say this because I am still unable to develop any level of nervousness and I don't know what to write. I am just glad I am not on the hotseat like the house DJ. That guy has someone openly gunning for his job.

Nervousness Level for game: Low
Nervousness Level for this gig: Lower

View from the Sports Book
- An Unbiased Perspective from Vegas:

The Line: Georgetown -10.

Deep in the Sleeping with the Enemy feature with Wright State was this video which, though the quality isn't much better than something produced by the Taliban, reveals that Wright State can hit shots from EVERYWHERE. Georgetown nearly almost maybe might have beaten Oregon if just a few more of those 3s had fallen, so I'll bank on JT3 getting the guys in the gym and working on jumpers and defensive switches while casually easing out of the jet lag from the gimmick game in Korea. I hate giving double-digit points to anyone, anywhere, but for a home opener against a Horizon League squad I'll put two bits on the Hoyas as free throws make the difference down the stretch.

The pick is Georgetown -10. Final score Hoyas 74 - Raiders 62.

Casual Hoya is 0-1 ATS this season.

Overall 74-45-1.