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Media Reaction to Josh Smith News

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Harry How

The NCAA granted Georgetown's waiver and UCLA transfer Josh Smith can now play immediately for the Hoyas after sitting out last semester.  Great news for Georgetown, right?  Happy for the kid, right? Well, not if you're a member of the national media that continues to sound off against the NCAA for such decisions while sitting in their underwear in their mother's basements (I'm assuming this is true, of course, since that's what I'm doing right now).  Here is a just a smattering of the reactions to the NCAA's decision on Smith from various college hoopsters:

Tweets questioning the NCAA decision aside, the most reprehensible tweet came courtesy of Dan Dakich, a former Indiana coach and current ESPN commentator. Check this one out:

So, instead of the other guys who took swipes at the NCAA for the decision, Dakich decided to take to twitter and go after Smith himself, a kid who just wants to play basketball and had nothing to do with the NCAA's decision.  What a gutless move befitting of a guy who threatened a Hoosier grad's career simply for calling into his radio show and disagreeing with him. And he calls Josh Smith "disrespectful"?

Your move, ESPN.

To leave you with a good taste in your mouth on this casual Thursday morning, here are a few that actually discuss the impact of the news to Georgetown this season:

Linkage to some articles on the news:

Big news for Hoyas' big man: Smith eligible immediately | Comcast SportsNet Washington
Perhaps the biggest stunner is that 6-foot-10, 350-pound center is also eligible for the 2014-15 season, meaning four semesters available with the Hoyas. The program requested a "Seasons of Competition" waiver for Smith, who played six games as a junior for UCLA last season before departing the Pac 12 school during the first semester.UCLA transfer

Joshua Smith eligible to play immediately at Georgetown | CollegeBasketballTalk
With the start of the regular season inching closer the Georgetown Hoyas had a significant question that needed answering: when would UCLA transfer Joshua Smith be eligible to play in games?

Former UCLA C Josh Smith ruled eligible at Georgetown
Now with waiver in hand, new teammates say Smith's work ethic has been good.