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Josh Smith NCAA Waiver Haiku


The NCAA granting Josh Smith immediate eligibility was surprising, but what still remains a mystery is what exactly Georgetown included in that waiver application that convinced the NCAA to issue what is basically a precedent-setting decision.  The only possible way for me to fathom why Georgetown was able to outwit, outsmart and outlast the NCAA into granting Josh Smith's waiver was that it must have been written in Haiku.  Below are some variations of what that waiver may have said:

Florida Gulf Coast
Greg Whittington ACL
Give us a damn break

Please clear Josh Smith now
We have nothing to live for
We need booze and chicks

Hoyas need Josh Smith
Jesuit Pope for the win
Answer our prayers please

Georgetown needs big man
NCAA needs Big East
Rest of Big East stinks

Got nothing to write about
Free Josh Smith, Love Blog

NCAA now
That you have freed Josh Smith, please
Document your lunch

Feel free to offer your glorious Haiku suggestions in the comments below.