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Josh Smith Transfers To Georgetown

It's Official!

Stephen Dunn

Per CBS Sports, UCLA transfer Josh Smith has committed to Georgetown.

Smith to Georgetown has been rumored ever since Smith announced that he was transferring from UCLA last month and he attended Georgetown's win over American.

From the Film Room: The Good and The Bad of Josh Smith post:

"If it happens, it's a roll of the dice by John Thompson III to get involved with Smith, who most say is a very solid young man - he just struggles with his weight and conditioning. The UCLA program of recent years raises enough eyebrows to make you wonder if his career can be salvaged and maybe not only salvaged but eventually flourish again like so many had thought it would coming out of Kentwood High School in Washington. I have no idea if the UCLA program was too enabling or if Smith, and only Smith - is responsible for his struggles. I do know that if JTIII is interested (a calculated man by all accounts) he seems something that can be worked with, both on and off the court.

Smith is a legit 6'10 and I'm guessing his weight has fluctuated for the past 4 years from anywhere from 300lbs to close to 370lbs. What Georgetown or any program can do with Smith's demons remains to be seen but there will need to be drastic improvements in that area to get the most out of him on the court, particularly on the defensive end. On offense, even out of shape Smith offers a unique skill set and physicality that is rare in college basketball. His ability to gain low post position and utilize good feet with soft hands and a soft touch is hard to find. On top of that, everything that can be seen as far as how he reads the game seems above average. His struggles are almost always attached to being out of shape. He is fatigued easily, gets out of position on defense and at some point you can argue whether or not it is someone giving full (or even close to it) effort on the floor.

I believe as most others would, that Smith looked his best (weight and game wise) during his freshman season when he posted 10.9 points per and 6.3 rebounds in just 21.7 minutes on 55.5% shooting. During that season he had individual games of: 17 and 13 at Kansas, 15 and 8 vs BYU, 19 and 8 vs St. John's, 17 and 4 vs Arizona, 12 and 16 at Washington and a combined two game effort of 30 points and 9 rebounds against Michigan State and Florida in the NCAA Tournament. The year was a mixed bag, but the good outweighed the bad. His sophomore year came and Smith appeared to actually have gained weight and it was a struggle all season. The return game vs Kansas saw Smith foul out in 13 minutes and score 1 point. The only stand out performance came in a return trip home to Washington in which he posted 24 points and 9 rebounds. The sophomore numbers dipped to 9.9 points and 4.9 rebounds and his time on the floor decreased as the Wear Twins became better options. Yes, the Wear Twins. Junior year came and went quickly, as Smith still somehow trending upwards in weight - left the team after six games.

So, what now? Well, it's again easy to see why JTIII has interest as Smith possesses skills and strength on the low-block that can be of value."

Smith joins forward Reggie Cameron as Georgetown's Class of 2013 commitments, and Georgetown is now two over the 13 scholarships available for the Class of 2013. Though our guess is that one will open up when Tyler Adams gets placed on some sort of medical leave due to his heart condition, a big question clearly remains as to where the other one will come from, with a possible transfer (Aaron Bowen) or NBA departure (Otto Porter) being the most likely options.

The addition of Smith and the current scholarship situation likely puts an end to Georgetown's pursuit of top remaining Class of 2013 center Dakari Johnson, who was reportedly down to Georgetown, Kentucky and Syracuse.

With Smith now in the fold and ready for Big East action next season, Georgetown's frontcourt depth of Smith, Mikael Hopkins, Nate Lubick, Moses Ayegba, Bradley Hayes and Brandon Bolden is certainly formidable. And if Otto Porter sticks around for another year...well, now we're getting ahead of ourselves.

In the meantime, welcome to Georgetown, Josh Smith.

Hoya Saxa!