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Introducing CasuALE: Enjoy The Casual Lifestyle...One Glass At A Time

Globally recognized as a leading source of lunch documentation, babies in headbands, and assorted KateUptonalia, it would take a lot for this here Georgetown Hoyas blog to go to the next level. What would it possibly take to surprise and delight the legions of Casualties? What could we possibly do to remain at the forefront of the Georgetown fan experience?

Well, it's happened folks.

Introducing CasuALE, our very own, official, AWARD-WINNING beer dedicated to the Casual lifestyle.

The source of this slice of hoppy Hoya heaven is Mark Girard, who once upon a time decided to place a wager on a horserace called the Kentucky Derby, informed by the unique insights posted on THE GLOBAL PHENOMENON. Well, those insights yielded trifecta victory, and Mark's winnings provided the seed money for him to indulge his passion for home brewing. In honor of the casual tip, Mark created a hop-bursted American pale ale of the highest order, and thus was born CasuALE. The steps to create the fine brew were, of course, documented with casual headbands...


Casual Recipie Formulation


Grinding the malt for the beer


Casually cooling down the wort for fermentation


Yeast patiently waiting to ferment


A Casual Fermentation


Final gravity reading prior to carbonation


Some Casual Carbonation


CasuALE Competition Entries


CasuALE bottlecaps Version 1.0


CasuALE Labels Version 1.0


Casual CasuALE collection


Casual CasuALE collection with bottlecap view


Now we're getting fancy


CasuALE in all of its casual splendor


CasuALE action shot poolside


CasuALE Volume 2: The Relaunch Labels


CasuALE Volume 2: The Relaunch Bottlecaps

And we weren't kidding when we said "award-winning." None other than the Californian beer wizards of Lagunitas Brewing Company have recognized Mark's talent, and the magic of CasuALE. Lagunitas held a home brewing competition late last year, and Mark won with CasuALE. His prize was to help craft a special Lagunitas brew commemorating the upcoming inauguration - a dark, strong American ale known as Lagunitas Fusion 11.

This glorious Lagunitas Fusion 11 will be debuting tomorrow at The Big Hunt near Dupont Circle, starting at 4:20pm and is a tremendous way to spend a couple of pre-game hours before heading to Verizon for our clash with the Friars. More details on The Big Hunt event are RIGHT HERE. If you can't make it to The Big Hunt, Lagunitas will be holding another Fusion 11 launch event this Saturday, January 19th, starting at 2pm at Lyon Hall in Clarendon. Details for this event are HERE.

The current version of the original CasuALE will also form the basis of Mark's next iteration: "CasuALE Delusional", a batch made specifically to satiate the thirst of THE GLOBAL PHENOMENON's cynical yet delusional fanbase, which we are hopeful will be available in abundance at the 4th Annual Casual Extravaganza on March 9th after the Syracuse game.

How cool is this! Come one, come all, support one of your own, and join the CasuALE revolution!

One glass at a time.