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John Thompson III Speaks Out On The New Big East

Hoyas coach comes out firing.

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Mitchell Layton - Getty Images

In an interview with USA Today, Georgetown coach John Thompson III had a lot to say regarding the changes coming to the Big East. A few of the more interesting quotes are below for your viewing pleasure on this most casual of Fridays:

"We don't have big-time football," Thompson said. "The dollars associated with big-time football are driving this ship. We know there are a lot of discussions, a lot of tables we will not sit at."

"As Georgetown, we have to be good regardless of who's in our conference," he said. "As long as we're good and in a position to compete for the title, we'll be fine."

"We went from being unquestionably the best basketball conference to now arguably the best basketball conference."

"I'm more excited that those cities are coming into the Big East than I am about those programs coming into the Big East."

This is the first time I have heard JT3 come out publicly with statements that appear to be an acknowledgement that Georgetown is powerless with regard to whatever decisions the Big East makes and Georgetown is at the whim of such decisions. Of course, he is absolutely right.

Clearly from the tone of that last quote (as much as one can discern tone from a printed quote, of course), he is also less than thrilled with the idea of Houston, SMU and Memphis joining the Conference though I assume for basketball purposes that that last quote was likely more directed at SMU and perhaps Houston than Memphis.