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Class Of 2013 Forward Reggie Cameron Commits To Georgetown

Top 100 Player To Georgetown

Mitchell Layton - Getty Images

Reggie Cameron, a 6'7" forward from Hudson Catholic High School in Patterson, NJ, has committed to Georgetown.

Cameron is the 66th ranked player in ESPN's top 100 and the 16th ranked forward. He is the first Georgetown commit in the Class of 2013 and Georgetown is currently one over the scholarship limit next season.

More including highlights of Cameron after the Jump:

Cameron, #5 in black in the clip above, certainly fits the mold of the type of player that John Thompson III has made a point to bring to Georgetown. He is an excellent perimeter player and emerged as one of the top shooters in his class. Speculation will run rampant as to whose scholarship will come open for Cameron, though we assume (and aren't happy) that Otto Porter will enter the NBA Draft after his sophomore season.

Per Adam Zagoria:

"Georgetown's style of play is ideal for Reggie to excel," Playaz coach Jimmy Salmon told "Their academic reputation is second to none and the school atmosphere fits the whole person. We expect great things out of Reg. He's been a true Playa for his entire life and like most other decisions he's made, this is a great one.

"He has the ability to stretch the defense and he's a better rebounder than people give him credit for. I don't think that his dribble game or his ability to create shots is poor. I just think there's a large gap between his shooting ability and that and people think that's a weakness of his. That's because he's one of the top five shooters in the country. Reggie's a regular kid. He's a very bright guy who has a good feel for the game and he has a good feel for life. He normally makes really wise choices and i think this was an excellent choice on his part."

Welcome to Georgetown, Reggie Cameron.

Hoya Saxa.