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Linked Up: The Big East Tournament Is Staying At Madison Square Garden

Big East 1, ACC 0.

Michael Heiman - Getty Images

The biggest news of the day that wasn't related to ESPN heralding Georgetown's surging ROSE BOWL BOUND football team or the unveiling of SB Nation's new sleek layout was that the Big East Tournament, the one thing that's frankly all we have left, will remain at Madison Square Garden for the foreseeable future. In addition and most casual, the ACC Tournament will NOT be coming to the World's Most Famous Arena. Below are some reactions from our Big East brethren around SBN.

Madison Square Garden and Barclays Center Made John Swofford Look Dumb - Anonymous Eagle
The Most Famous Arena In The World wants nothing to do with the ACC Tournament, regardless of what the ACC commissioner would like.

New York State of Mind - VU Hoops
The Big East is still working on a long-term extension for its basketball tournament at Madison Square Garden, even after Scott O'Neil's departure.

Madison Square Garden won't be hosting the Atlantic Coast Conference Tournament any time soon - Rumble In The Garden
Pittsburgh's Consol Energy Center - home of the Pittsburgh Penguins - did submit a bid to the ACC. ACC officials have not disclosed the cities that have submitted bids yet.

Sorry Jim, ACC Tourney Not Coming To NYC Anytime Soon - Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Magician
So unless the ACC Tournament wants to hold the 2016 ACC Tournament in Albany, which I'm personally fine with, it ain't coming to NYC anytime soon.

Report: ACC Tournament Not Moving To Madison Square Garden Any Time Soon - Big East Coast Bias
Just spitballing, I could see the tournament reasonably moving north to places like PIttsburgh, or Washington DC/Northern Virginia, or perhaps even New York/Brooklyn one day. But, the desire to move it into MSG always sounded vindictive. Personally, I'm glad to see it won't happen.