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ESPN Talks Replacement Refs...and Georgetown Hoyas Football!

ESPN Talks Replacement Refs...and Georgetown Hoyas Football!

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Oh, just your average Tuesday over here at THE GLOBAL PHENOMENON, ushering in the dawn of a new day here at SB Nation, getting used to new sleek layouts while reading an ESPN article by Gregg Easterbrook about the officiating travesty that occurred last night in Seattle. The article hits on all of the points that have been made ad nauseam today - replacement refs stink, the NFL is horrible, everyone must die, and wait...GEORGETOWN HOYAS FOOTBALL!

Check it out after The Jump:

Look at this!

In other football news, on Friday night, Georgetown University at Princeton aired on ESPNU. Elite colleges playing football on national television? This really must be the 21st century! Princeton led 20-18 with 2:55 remaining; Georgetown faced fourth-and-3 at midfield, holding all timeouts. Orthodoxy says the "safe" thing to do is punt, then use the timeouts -- but fortune favors the bold! Hoyas coach Kevin Kelly went for it, his charges got the first down. Georgetown kicked the winning field goal with a few ticks remaining.

It's fun to see Ivy League football on ESPN, and fun when any matchup has long antecedents -- the last time Princeton and Georgetown faced each other in football was 1923. Georgetown basketball is a regular presence on television. Friday night was the first time the school's football program has performed in a nationally televised game. What's happening is a rapid rise in the stature of Hoyas football.* Georgetown University football was 0-11 in 2009, is 15-11 since. The puzzling chant "Hoya Saxa," long part of basketball culture, may become part of football culture.

*(emphasis added for AWESOME)

Yes! America!

Hoya Saxa!