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"We Are Georgetown" T-Shirt Slogan Time!

Hoya Blue Needs Your Help: It's "We Are Georgetown" T-Shirt Slogan Time!

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Good morning everyone and Happy Monday. Normally I'd be easing into my Monday with a bowl of coffee that I'd be drinking with a straw through my nose, but today I bring you this message with a sense of urgency. As you are aware, each year Hoya Blue comes up with a slogan to adorn the backs of the annual Hoya Hoop Club "We Are Georgetown" shirts that are without a doubt the most popular hoops-related shirts on campus each year. Usually the kids do a good job coming up with slogans that range from pretty casual to passable to not that embarrassing.


HOWEVER, I am privy to the current lot of possibilities being tossed around and let me say this in the least alarming way possible: HOYA BLUE NEEDS OUR HELP OR THE UNIVERSITY WILL BURN TO THE GROUND.

See what I'm talking about after The Jump:

Below are just some of the slogans currently being pondered:

So Let it Be Written. So Let it Be Won.
Gtown Gangnam Style
Otto-matic Contender
Two Jacks, One Box
Blue Blood is Thicker Than Water
Our rivals can run, but they can't hide
Our rivals run scared, Georgetown is forever
Occupy the Big East
Beast of the Big East


Casualties, we can do better than this. I know we can do better than this. I pray to the Lord of all that's Holy that we can do better than this.

And to that end, I am offering a DRINK FOR FREE ON CASUAL'S TAB CARD at the 4th Annual Casual Extravaganza on March 9th, 2013 to the person on this site who comes up with the We Are Georgetown t-shirt slogan that will be used this season. The deadline for suggestions is October 2nd, so get creative fast.

Hoya Blue needs you. Georgetown needs you. America needs you.

This is serious.

Put your suggestions in the comments below.