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Stephen Domingo Makes Kenner League Debut, Georgetown Gets Some Love In Heroic New Nike Jordan Brand Commercial

"Next Year I'm Going To Georgetown University"

Other than the horrible glimpse of Carmelo Anthony at the very beginning, this commercial rules. "Watkins" commits to Georgetown over Marquette and Cal, beats the UNC Tar Heels and his evil Jeremy Lin-esque rival "Meng Ling" in what might be the NCAA Championship, and then goes on to win NBA Finals MVP and lead Team USA to destiny in the Olympics in Cairo. Hoya Saxa!

Kenner League and Domingo after The Jump:

An otherwise ho-hum Kenner League was brought to life Friday night in an epic double overtime game between The Tombs and DCX. DCX, featuring Jabril Trawick and Greg Whittington, eventually won the game, though those in attendance left impressed by the plucky young Hoyas on The Tombs squad, especially D'Vauntes Smith-Rivera and Stephen Domingo.

Domingo, who made his Kenner League debut, spent most of his playing time on the perimeter and displayed the smooth shooting stroke that has Georgetown fans hoping he can slip into the role vacated by Hollis Thompson. Though he started a bit tentatively, Domingo heated up as the game progressed, pouring in a number of threes and playing pretty good defense for a kid that was perceived as not being physically ready for college play. Though certainly I won't jump to conclusions after this first glimpse, I would suggest booking flights for Atlanta immediately as Georgetown is Final Four bound.

Trawick and Whittington led DCX to the Kenner League Championship on Sunday, defeating some other team by a score of who cares to whatever.