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Casual Headbands Summer Series: ROBERT GRIFFIN III

Though it is tough to top last week's entry in the Internet's Greatest Feature at The Olympics or the week before that's Casual Building Implosion, here we are with a first look at Washington Redskin and future Hall of Fame QB Robert Griffin III's first ever huddle!


This shot was taken from what appears to be a relatively cheap corner endzone seat at last night's preseason opener between the Redskins and Buffalo Bills at Ralph Wilson Park in scenic Buffalo, New York. Though you will likely destroy your eyes trying to locate the surprisingly small Heisman Trophy winner in the photo above, center your attention directly between the 'S' and the 'U' in the majestic Casual Slap Coozie in the foreground or click on this and zoom until you just can't zoom anymore.

No more pics but lots of words after The Jump:

Casual Headband submissions have been flowing in from all corners of the earth, and we'll be unloading our casual coffers over the next few weeks with the Tournament to determine the ultimate winner coming in October. As a reminder to those that have yet to play in our wicked game, to enter the 2012 Casual Headbands Summer Series Contest, all you have to do is follow the following simple steps:

1) Take thine Casual Swag and descend upon all corners of the Earth.

2) Document your travels with casual pictures (cell phone pics work) of Casual Swag in front of a casual landmark or location. If you do not have Casual Swag*, get creative! Write the word 'casual' on something print a copy of the home page of this site to use for documentation, do whatever you want.

3) Send the documentation to us at

* More Casual Swag will be available during the season. Leave me alone, dammit.

That's it! You'll be automatically entered to win a treasure trove of wonderful prizes, all courtesy of America's Most-Read Georgetown Hoyas Website. Your Casual documentation will be displayed RIGHT HERE, and the ultimate champion will once again be selected by your vote. Prizes already secured from various generous donors include:

1) tickets to Hoyas games (including and likely limited to the home game against Longwood!);
2) a DRINK FOR FREE ON CASUAL'S TAB during the 4th Annual Casual Extravaganza ("CX4") next season AFTER THE SYRACUSE GAME ON MARCH 9TH which may or may not include special guest stars Allen Iverson and mermaids;
3) invaluable shares of Facebook stock;
4) an Orange urinal;
5) the basketball court at the new Georgetown athletic facility to be completed in the year 2080 named in your honor.

The summer is your time.

The Casual Swag is your seed.

Go Forth and Keep it Casual.