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2012 Kenner League Opening Weekend Recap: What Have We Learned So Far?

Markel Starks looked good in Kenner action this weekend.  (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)
Markel Starks looked good in Kenner action this weekend. (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Weekend numero uno of the 2012 Kenner League is in the books, and though the games featured the usual dosage of sloppy play and cameo appearances by ghosts of Hoyas past (Austin Freeman, Chris Wright, Jon Wallace to name just a few), Hoyas fans were able to take a look at some of Georgetown's current players for the first time since the loss to N.C. State in the NCAA Tournament. Here's what we've learned so far:

Otto Porter: Porter didn't suit up for The Tombs this weekend as he has been making the rounds at a few national showcases, most recently at the LeBron James Skills Academy. Unfortunately for those who would like to see Porter in a Hoyas uniform for years to come, word out of the LeBron camp is that he was one of the best players on the floor. According to this report, "Porter looks to have significantly improved his shot, and looked comfortable from the mid-range to the perimeter. He also rebounded his position."

Player snippets after The Jump:

Markel Starks: Starks was a bright spot this weekend. Markel was able to break down his opponents off the dribble seemingly at will, resulting in nice drives to the hoop and displayed an improved jumper. This is Kenner League, so take that for what it's worth, but Starks played with confidence and showed signs that he is ready to emerge as a team leader.

Mikael Hopkins: The big fella looked good, playing aggressive underneath the basket and showing off a few new post moves. Hopkins is going to play a major role on this Hoyas team, so his progress this summer is one we will be watching closely. I'd like to see him take more shots and become the focal point of his team's offensive game, though that will be tough in the up tempo Kenner action that tends to favor wings and guards.

Jabril Trawick: Jabril looks more "Jabril" than last season if that makes sense. Still gritty, still aggressive, still a tad unpolished offensively, Trawick nonetheless willed his way to a full statsheet over the weekend while playing a combo guard role.

Greg Whittington: Greg has been much more aggressive in Kenner League this year, seemingly taking hold of his expected role as one of Georgetown's main offensive contributors. Greg showed off his silky smooth outside shot and also took it to the basket off the dribble, resulting in couple of nasty throwdowns. Good things, so far.

Moses Ayegba: Not a great weekend for Moses, but it's early. Moses showed off a nice jump hook in a clear effort by his teammates to get him involved in the post, and if he can stay healthy looks like he can earn some roation minutes IF he can stay healthy.

D'Vauntes Smith-Rivera: DSR was a huge bright spot for the Hoyas, showing off a vast array of tools offensively and a Trawick-like hustle. DSR played both guard positions and scored from all over the floor. With Georgetown looking for contributions on offense after the departures of Henry Sims, Jason Clark and Hollis Thompson, DSR is a contender for major minutes this season. ME LIKEY.

John Caprio: Good job, good effort from everyone's favorite end of the bench guy, Caprio did some nice things on the floor but likely won't get the chance to show it much for the Hoyas once the calendar flips to January.

Aaron Bowen: I've been waving the "Give Bowen A Chance" flag for awhile, and he continues to show excellent athleticism whenever he takes the floor in an up-tempo setting. GIVE THE GUY A CHANCE, DAMMIT.

Nate Lubick: Lubick was missing in action this weekend, so unfortunately there's nothing new to report. Word is, however, that Nate has bulked up since last season, so we're anxious to see what that means when he takes the floor next weekend alongside Starks.

Arne Duncan: The Secretary of Education took the floor yesterday for the awesomely named "Can't Be Stop" squad, and played well in his audition for a walk-on spot for the Hoyas after Obama loses this election.

Tyler Adams: Tyler Adams has been medically cleared but will not play this summer and may never play for the Hoyas again.

Roger Federer: Nice Wimbledon win for Federer over that crying Brit/Scot Andy Murray.

Woody Allen: "To Rome With Love" a bit disappointing after last year's inspiring "Midnight In Paris", but the Woodman still brought some laughs in a cute story and Penelope Cruz sizzles as a prostitute.