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Renderings of Georgetown's New Intercollegiate Athletic Center Revealed


I awoke this morning to an email in my casual gmail inbox from Georgetown Athletic Director Lee Reed, heralding an "Important Development" in Georgetown's long-awaited construction of the Intercollegiate Athletic Center.

Email from Lee Reed and Renderings of the IAC after The Jump:

On April 26, the D.C. Zoning Commission unanimously approved our zoning modification submission to build a new athletic training facility - the Intercollegiate Athletics Center (IAC).

The construction of the IAC will transform the athletics experience at Georgetown, supporting the demands our student-athletes face on a daily basis. It will provide 130,000 square feet of necessary practice and programming space for every one of our student-athletes and varsity programs. It will be built adjacent to McDonough Gymnasium and will house:

  • New practice courts, locker rooms, team meeting rooms, lounge areas and coaches' offices for men's and women's basketball.
  • Weight training facility and sports medicine/training room areas for all varsity student-athletes.
  • Student-athlete academic center, auditorium and team meeting facilities for all varsity sports programs.
  • New home for the Georgetown Athletic Hall of Fame and additional reception space to honor the University's rich athletic tradition and history.
  • Additional locker room areas for the men's and women's soccer and lacrosse programs.
This important facility is the number one capital priority in the University's ambitious campaign, For Generations to Come and represents nearly one half of the Department of Athletics' $125M goal within the campaign. The total cost to construct the IAC is $60M and the timeline for completion is directly correlated to our ability, as a community, to raise the necessary funds.

Georgetown has not completed an athletic facility since 1951. We need your help to make this facility campaign a success. Every day we delay, we fail in our commitment to support our 750 dedicated and talented student-athletes.

Though I am not an architect, these renderings of the IAC look pretty cool. Putting the facility as the number one capital priority in the University's capital campaign is important, as it shows the University's commitment to finally getting this project underway and elevating Georgetown's athletic facilities to the caliber of its nationally ranked powerhouse status.

With former Hoyas Jeff Green and Roy Hibbert inking deals for nearly $100 million dollars in the past few weeks, I AM SURE that the IAC will have the requisite funding in no time. However, as current students and alums we need to do our part to make sure it gets built on time.

To donate to the IAC initiative, contact W. Blanton Jones, the Associate Athletics Director/Senior Director of Development at (202) 687-2394 or shoot him an email at

Hoya Saxa.