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EA Sports: Was NHL 94 The Greatest Game Of All-Time?

Kenner League has been an epic snoozefest so far this summer, so this third and final installment of $pon$ored posts from the great EA Sports has absolutely nothing to do with hoops. Since I'm bored on this relatively overcast Sunday here in New Orleans and Adam Scott has awesomely choked away the British Open, I'm going to turn back the clock to bring you an exclusive look into my social life as a freshman at Georgetown.

As a freshman at Georgetown, the best part of my days and nights was playing NHL '94. That's it. I woke up and played it, I got back from class and played it, and I couldn't wait to get home from an awful kegger in Burleith on the weekends to play it. I was, and am, that fucking cool.

More reminiscing thanks to the fine folks at EA Sports after The Jump:

Though I am a New York Rangers fan, I always used the Chicago Blackhawks, not because they were good at the time, but because I was able to control the greatest secret in the entire game and harness the talents of videogame Jeremy Roenick. Moreso than any other center in the game, Roenick had the speed and balance to skate down the right or left side of the ice while taking hits, go behind the goalie, stop on a dime and bring his stick up for a shot while skating back across the crease, and fire it home past the helpless goalie. As you can see in the highlights above, Roenick could not be stopped, just like the legendary Bo Jackson in Tecmo Bowl. In fact, the only way Roenick's patented move could be stopped was if you took the goalie off of auto and switched it to manual, but that opened up a whole other can of worms. After hours and hours of play I perfected this move, and took down numerous attempts from those who also had the great fortune of living on the 2nd floor of New South trying to defeat me. Eventually I got greedy and abandoned NHL '94 for NHL '95 and then the more up to date NHL '99, and unfortunately while the game became more advanced to duplicate aspects of the real NHL action I began to lose interest, focusing more on trying to get chicks and losing games at the hands of the blistering slapshot of Al Iafrate as a result.

After the game was immortalized in the movie Swingers and then this parody of the scene featuring the real Jeremy Roenick, eventually I stopped playing NHL 'Anything and have pretty much abandoned video games completely. However, if there is one game that could get me back into the swing of things it would be EA Sports NCAA Football 13 from the great minds at EA Sports.

EA Sports, It's In The Game.

This post was sponsored by EA Sports NCAA Football 13. Check out the video for the game below.

EA SPORTS NCAA Football 13 TV: "Son" (via EASPORTS)