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Somebody's Getting Married: Casual Hoya Staffer Set To Take The Plunge This Weekend

Ladies and gentlemen, JGD is getting married! Tomorrow!


The bridegroom, 26, who hails from the beautiful state of New Jersey, is a failure at his desk job in New York City but a beloved and heroic contributor here at where he has won zero accolades whatsoever for doing game recaps following every Georgetown Hoyas game.

A world traveler and lover of the fine arts, the bride, also 26, is nicknamed ‘You're Insane' by her friends for putting up with her soon-to-be-husband over the past few years. Though undoubtedly making a huge mistake, she is looking forward nonetheless to what will be a sparkling ceremony in Brooklyn's picturesque Botanical Gardens, and hours upon hours of being left alone while Georgetown is playing this season.

On behalf of all of THE GLOBAL PHENOMENON's readers past, current and lost as a result of this post, we wish the future Mr. and Mrs. JGD a lifetime of love, happiness, and casual sex.

In lieu of gifts, JGD requests that rocks be thrown at the Carrier Dome. Mazel tov to the happy couple!