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Meet Georgetown's New Lead Recruiter: Stephen Domingo!

Class of 2013 forward Stephen Domingo has yet to play a game for the Georgetown Hoyas, but he is already making waves off the court. According to this article by Adam Zagoria, Domingo, who recently made the 14-man cut for the USA Under 17 team, is actively selling a number of the best high school players in the nation on coming to Georgetown.

"We can bring momentum that we're carrying here over to Georgetown and we can get a national championship over there like we're going to get a gold over here," Domingo said.

Asked whom his pitch is working the best on, Domingo said: "I know ‘J' [Johnathan Williams] really likes them, I know Jahlil Okarfor likes them. I know Beejay Anya likes them. He's from around that area.

"We'll see, but they all like it."

I am so excited I can barely contain myself.