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Georgetown To Play Florida On A Boat To Open The Season

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Just when I thought our scheduling woes couldn't get any worse, you go out and do something like this...and TOTALLY REDEEM YOURSELF.

In a surprisingly awesome turn of scheduling events, Andy Katz is reporting that Georgetown will face the Florida Gators in the second edition of the Carrier Classic on a ship off the coast of Jacksonville, Florida. The game will be played on Friday, November 9th, the opening day of the college basketball season.

This is certainly welcome news after what seemed to be a never-ending string of bad headlines on the scheduling front. First, it had been reported that Georgetown would play San Diego State on the deck of the USS Midway but the Hoyas were later replaced by Syracuse after apparent "scheduling conflicts." Next, there were rumors that Kentucky would visit Georgetown as part of the Big East-SEC challenge, but those too turned out to be bunk.

As for the "scheduling conflicts" that kept Georgetown from playing San Diego State, it seems that Georgetown was merely double booked to play on two different ships on the same date! Glad we took the bigger game against the better opponent and left the scraps for Syracuse.

As Andy Katz points out, the Hoyas schedule is loaded next year with confirmed games against Texas at Madison Square Garden in the Jimmy V Classic and Tennessee at the Verizon Center. Additionally, Georgetown will be participating in the Legends Classic against a field that includes Indiana, UCLA, and Georgia.

Grab your life preserver friends, November and December are going to be a wild ride.