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Casual Friday Open Thread: 4/20, The Biggest Day on The Syracuse Calendar

Today, this Casual Friday happens to fall on April 20th, otherwise known as 4/20, the day that tokers across the country look forward to whipping out their bongs, waking and baking, and enjoying life to its fullest. Undoubtedly some of these individuals may or may not play for the Syracuse men's basketball team, which, as has been well-documented, repeatedly violated drug tests under the watchful eye of head coach Jim Boeheim, who predictably claimed he was unaware of such things.


Never gets old

So today, in honor of the drug that is most liberating yet certainly not liberated, here's your open forum to discuss all things anything. Georgetown recruiting news? Restaurant recommendations? Funny weed stories? Casual lunch options? Weekend plans?

Let 'er rip.