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The Flattop Spurns The Hilltop. Prized Recruit Nerlens Noel Chooses Kentucky over Georgetown and Syracuse

No Virginia, Santa Claus is dead. (h/t: Kevin Prior)
No Virginia, Santa Claus is dead. (h/t: Kevin Prior)

Color me shocked. The top-ranked high school basketball player in the country will be calling Lexington his home next season. Nerlens Noel, a 6'10'' center from Massachusetts, announced tonight on national television that after deliberating with his family, he has chosen to attend the University of Kentucky. He had also been considering Syracuse and Georgetown.

In an attempt to be objective on this oh-so-biased forum, let me first say that while terribly disappointed, I am not surprised by Noel's decision. Whether or not you agree with how Kentucky head coach John Calipari gets his recruits, there is no denying that the man knows how to build the brand of a college player. Whether it is John Wall, Anthony Davis or now Nerlens Noel, Calipari creates the most attention and hype for his players while on campus for their one-year apprenticeships. It is a tough recruiting pitch to ignore.

As for Georgetown and its fans, life will go on, quickly in fact. Five-star forward Devonta Pollard is set to visit campus this weekend and Class of 2012 center Robert Upshaw, who had previously committed to Kansas State, has re-opened his recruitment. It has also been reported that Coach John Thompson III will be meeting with Bradley Hayes, a 6'11'' center from Jacksonville, FL, next week.

Onwards and upwards, friends. Hoya Saxa.