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Recruiting Update, Post-Hollis Edition

Hollis Thompson's decision to enter the NBA Draft leaves Georgetown with 11 scholarship players for next year, or 2 short of the allotted 13. These open slots may remain that way until the 2013 recruiting class, as at least one scholarship has remained unfilled in each of the past several years. Plus, there currently aren't any schollies scheduled to open in 2013, and the coaching staff has shown interest in plenty of prospects from that class. But JTIII et al are still out on the recruiting trail, pursuing big names Nerlens Noel and Devonta Pollard, while former recruit Robert Upshaw recently became available. And then there's the always-fun transfer circus.

So who's most likely to don the blue and gray next year? Vote below, and read more after the jump.

Nerlens Noel. It's been FIVE WHOLE DAYS since we last covered the Flattop, who's down to Kentucky, Syracuse, and Georgetown. Since then, there have been some tweets that ranged from the possibly discouraging to the probably improper, plus the routine dose of idle speculation, and lots of other smoke, including a large uptick in Google searches for "Errol Randolph." But today we learned that Noel is a sadist, has no timeline for a decision, and may or may not be going to Kentucky.

Devonta Pollard. The senior forward out of Mississippi is visiting Georgetown on April 16, plus or minus. He was selected as a McDonald's All-American but won't play because of a concussion suffered yesterday; as a consolation, I offer this terrible ad, followed by a short clip of Pollard dunking on a couple of dudes. While forward isn't a position of great need, and the two players are stylistically quite different, Hollywood's departure certainly frees up some minutes if Pollard chooses to come. He's also considering Alabama, Missouri and Texas. Kentucky and Mississippi State both were on his list, but the former seems to have dropped off while the latter has no coach at the moment.

Robert Upshaw. The California big man had committed to Kansas State, but that was before Frank Martin jumped to South Carolina. Apparently Upshaw has a savvy mom who had him sign a non-binding aid agreement rather than the typical letter of intent, so he isn't bound to attend Kansas State, and has said he won't follow Martin. Before committing to K-State last fall, Upshaw had considered a narrowed list that also included Fresno State, Louisville, and Georgetown. He's being understandably cagey this time around, but don't be surprised to see Georgetown seeking his services anew.

Transfers? Announcements of transfers have come early and often as teams have finished up play. One list (scan down) puts the number north of 250. I have no knowledge of most of these dudes, but note that there are some point guards on the list, which some might consider a position of need for the Hoyas. Have a particular favorite? Sound off below.