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Big East Tournament Double Bye Update: Georgetown Gets No Help From Marquette or Louisville

Thanks for everything, Marquette and Louisville!



After Marquette's loss at Cincinnati last night and Louisville's horrific home loss against South Florida, suddenly Georgetown's double-bye in the 2012 Big East Tournament is in serious jeopardy. Various scenarios can still play themselves out with just one game remaining in the regular season, but basically it comes down to this:

I can do this in two or so lines

We win Saturday: #2

We lose Saturday: start w/ #6, subtract 1 for each loss by ND, USF, or UC

by FLHoya on Feb 29, 2012 10:05 PM EST reply actions 4 recs

Remaining games for other teams after The Jump:

Here's the schedule for the above teams:

7pm, Providence @ ND


Noon, WVU @ USF
2pm, Hoyas @ Marquette
2pm, Cincy @ Nova

Fun stuff, right?

Based on the above, where do you think the Hoyas will end up finishing in the Big East?