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CXIII: The Third Annual Casual Extravaganza - Villanova @ Georgetown

Basketball. Beer. Best Blog Buddies. What else could you possibly ask for?

There is a 0% Chance Katy Perry Will Be There

Friends and foes, it is time for The Third Annual Casual Extravaganza. For those new to the event, this is a spectacle unlike any other, where you favorite Casualties are released from their mothers' basements to eat, drink, and commit sophomoric acts of unbridled debauchery.

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Here is a quick recap of previous events:

CXI: Casual swag was used in the most unconventional of ways (not fit for print), and after six hours of drinking, itsallthatmatters remembered to inform his bestest blog friends that he recently knocked up his wife - leading to not one, but TWO shout-outs from the bar DJ. There were Kelly Clarkson songs and there was dancing. I don't remember the rest. Neither does anyone else.

CXII: Casualties went through 14.5 kegs of Bud Light at Iron Horse and a truck full of Wonky Dogs. There was much joy and revelry, and no one fell down the stairs. I don't remember the rest. Neither does anyone else.

Details for CXIII, this Saturday, February 25th:

  • The Casual Postgame Fiesta will once again be at Iron Horse Tap Room (507 7th St. NW - 7th between E and F). An extended Casual Happy Hour will continue until 8pm for all casualties.
  • Our friends at DC Slices will be stationed outside the bar to serve loyal patrons their fresh and scrumptious slices of joy.

We have been told that pizza goes well with beer.

  • For those still standing, the Casual After-After Party will be at Mason Inn (2408 Wisconsin Ave. NW), a fine drinking establishment owned by a fellow casualty. Drink specials and Rihanna songs abound.
  • There will be SWAG. Lots of it.
Rivarly. Emotion. Cheap Beer. Piping Hot Slices of Documentable Freshly Made Pizza.

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