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College Cup Championship Game Bound: Georgetown Moves Past Maryland On Penalty Kicks

Holy fuckin' hell, that was awesome.

The Georgetown Men's Soccer team advanced to its first ever College Cup Championship Game with a thrilling win over Maryland on Friday evening. To say this game was entertaining is an damn understatement. The underdog Hoyas were up by two goals on two separate occasions in the second half but the pesty Terps fought back with two goals in the last 20 minutes to send the game into overtime. After two scoreless overtime periods, the game went on to penalty kicks where the heroic Hoyas prevailed 4-3 after two monster saves by Georgetown goalie Tomas Gomez on the final two Maryland shots.

It was reported before the game that junior Steve Neumann was still peeved about the lack of respect the Hoyas had received in the preseason polls and was also motivated tonight by the fact that NO ONE picked the Hoyas to win this game against the heavily-favored Terps. Neumann modestly responded with a hat trick, single-handedly matching the highest goal output of the entire Hoyas team in any game this season. Steve Neumann shall henceforth be known as that badass mofo.

I would be remiss to not acknowledge the effort put forth by Maryland tonight. That team played an outstanding game and never gave up despite being manhandled by the Hoyas for the first 70 minutes of the game. I am going to go on a little rant right now so bare with me. Tonight is a perfect example of why this embargo between Georgetown and Maryland is absolute bullshit. I know jack squat about soccer but loved watching every minute of this game because I not only had a team to cheer for, I also had a team to cheer against. This was not like playing Charlotte or San Diego, where I am forced to look up their names on the schedule to remind myself who Georgetown beat in prior rounds. This is Maryland. And I don't like Maryland. And I very much enjoy beating Maryland. And I will not forget beating Maryland. Coaches, athletic directors, people in positions of high power - I beg you to put petty differences aside and do what is best for the players, fans, and the freaking city (and extended area). This should be more than a unplanned surprise; this should be an every year event in every sport.

The Hoyas take on the winner of tonight's Indiana-Creighton match on Sunday at 2pm.


Students on campus react to the win