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Georgetown and The Big East: A Musical History Set To The Tune of Billy Joel's "We Didn't Start The Fire"

HoyaJoker brings us a song for the ages.

The amount of talent in THE GLOBAL PHENOMENON's contributors never ceases to amaze me. Enjoy.

Boston College, St. John's
Providence and UCONN
"North" Orange, South Orange,
Georgetown, WHAT ROCKS.

Thompson closes Man-ley
Starts the greatest rivalry,
Add the Panthers and the 'Cats
Greatest conference, just like that.

Patrick Ewing, Paranoia,
Hoist a banner for the Hoyas,
Repeat is by Nova marred,
Thank you, Pablo Escobar.

Several 'ships at MSG,
Greatest place for us to be,
Carnesecca, Sweater Game,
It will never be the same.

CHORUS (no changes, Billy Joel nailed it)

Welcome to Rejection Row,
Dikembe and Alonzo,
Now our big man pedigree
Still remains our legacy.

Football money, five new schools,
Motivation: golden rule.
Hoops-only South Bend
Basically "let's just be friends"

Iverson and Allen,
Showdown in the Garden
Greatest era come and gone,
Say goodbye to Big John.

Something something Esherick
Talking 'bout him makes me sick.
BC, VT, and the U
To the ACC they flew.


First the father, now the son,
Offense comma Princeton,
Five good passers on the floor
Better mind the backdoor.

Jeff Green takes the Garden
Hibbert pantses Aaron
Ewing-Thompson back in place
All this smiling hurts my face.

Boston College takes a walk,
Jeff Green...takes a walk,
Cold-blooded Wallace Three
Takes down UNC.

Big East lookback
Suddenly off-track
I demand some leeway here
Since it was my senior year.


Started in 2010,
Football poison back again,
Texas Christian peeks in,
Blink and you missed them.

Pitt and Cuse bailed next
Always did like fat checks
Can't wait til they hit the skids
And fade out like McFly kids.

West Virginia up and ran,
Big 12 has a dental plan.
Big East plays the football game
And gets saddled with Tulane.

UCF and SMU?
Big East, what is wrong with you?!
Catholic Seven, Holy War,