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Peanut Gallery: Georgetown Hoyas vs. Florida Gators

What some Hoyas are thinkin' about the Hoyas.

View from the Student Section - A Youthful Perspective from Campus:

Wow it feels great to be preparing for Georgetown basketball games again! Despite being a historically cynical member of the Hoya community, I'm actually going into this season with a very positive attitude. We may be devoid of seniors, but we have some talented freshmen, some older players waiting to shine, and of course, we have the Otto-matic Mr. Porter. However, right now I feel like James Carville from the election coverage on CNN. I just keep muttering to myself "Florida, Florida, Florida". What better way to start the season and celebrate the 21st birthday of yours truly than with a high-exposure game against a top-10 team? It's not every year that we get such a talented opponent in out-of-conference play, so this is definitely a game that all students are interested in.

The Lonely Island's "I'm On a Boat" doesn't even do this game justice; we're on a SHIP man! Florida is a scary team. Everyone knows the star is Kenny Boynton. That guy is quick and he is a huge threat from the perimeter. However, Florida did lose their next two highest scores from last season (Beal and Erving Walker), so will the upperclassmen Erik Murphy and Patric Young carry more of the load this year? I'm interested to see how Hop and Lubick match up with the older and more experienced 4 and 5 players. They've also brought in Top 100 recruit Braxton Ogbueze to complement Boynton in the back court. This Florida team is tough, but nothing I don't think our #LENGTH can't handle. I'll be at the Iron Horse with all of the DC area Georgetown fans, but those at the weekly keggers will definitely be keeping at least one eye on this game so they can effectively play whatever Georgetown drinking game they have concocted. Hoya Saxa!

View from the Court Side Seats - A Wise Perspective from OldHoya:

Hoya Faithful, young and old, today we embark on another season long voyage. OldHoya’s been watching these teams for many years now and this promises to be a fascinating season.

Let’s start with the new – and the first is obvious: WE’RE ON A BOAT (OldHoya’s been informed that this is a "meme" on the "internets"). OldHoya packed his bags and made the trip to Jacksonville and couldn’t be more excited for an opportunity to pay tribute to the troops or to open play with a formidable opponent. Another great step this season is unveiling the new uniforms – though OldHoya resists plenty of change (but will be upgrading to an iPhone this year), these uniforms pay tribute both to the program and the school and make us oldtimers proud while also offering something that the recruits and players will like.

And on to the old – we’ll have lots more to say about it on this site but this season marks an obvious evolution (devolution?) in the Big East. It’s odd to say but we’ll miss seeing certain schools bring their teams to Verizon. Of course, the flip side is that turncoats like Syracuse and Pitt, contribute to what’s become a toxic college athletics environment, and if the ACC somehow sees a money grab making their league more stable, good luck.

It’s been a long offseason but OldHoya’s been really pleased with the player development he’s seen over the summer and it’s remarkable to realize that Nate and Markel are now upperclassmen. Let’s buckle in for a new season. See you at the game.

View from the Cheap Seats - A Nervous Perspective from JahidiLikesPie:

How exciting? We are playing a basketball game on a boat! In Jacksonville! To start the season! Against UF! I also found out today that my company had 20 tickets to the game and no one told me about it. I really love my company. As a result, I will be watching the game while attending another game. I have the pleasure of going to the new Barclays center to watch Nerlens and his $atanic overseer take on the hated Maryland Terrapins (one of my clients really likes the Terps).

I am not even sure what to expect of this year's version of The Hoyas or how nervous I should or shouldn't be. Normally, I temper my nerves via alcohol. Tomorrow night I will be using alcohol to temper my hatred for EVERYTHING that I am forced to witness. I am also really looking for forward to DEMANDING the televisions in the 40/40 Club being tuned to NBC Sports and angering an entire sports bar. At least the drinks will be on my company.

Nervousness Level: LOW

View from the DJ Booth - A Musical Perspective from lordnick:

We couldn't be happier to announce the return of the Blog DJ, the feature on this blog that three years ago SINGLE-HANDEDLY propelled the Hoyas to the Big East Championship game and then pretty much imploded in the NCAA tournament like the team itself. Anyways, let's get this show on the road:

View from the Sports Book - An Unbiased Perspective from Vegas:

The Line: Florida -5. Over/Under 125.5.

Weird things have happened to this line since it opened at Florida -4. Initially it was punished by sharps (i.e smart people who do this for a living and are insane) down to Gators -3.5 but now you can find it at Gators -5 or even Gators -6 in some spots. What that tells me is the the squares (i.e everyday idiot gamblers) are seeing an unranked Hoyas team playing a top 10 Gators team in Florida and throwing all of their allowance on the Gators. I see this game being very similar to the epic Hoyas - Gators 2006 NCAA game, a low scoring, back and forth affair that will be decided in the final minutes which is not exactly the most casual way for the season to start as far as our blood pressures are concerned.

The pick is Hoyas +5. Final score Hoyas 64 - Gators 61.

Casual Hoya is 0-0 ATS this season.
Overall 55-35-1. Where Your Money Stays And Plays.