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Georgetown Will Wear These Camouflage Uniforms Against Florida On Friday

Camo is very "in" this season.

Casual Camo
Casual Camo

Here is your first look at the uniforms that Georgetown will wear during its game with Florida on Friday on the U.S.S. Bataan in Jacksonville courtesy of @Jumpman23:



Last week we got a glimpse at the horrible camo uniforms that the Gators will wear:


via Alligator Army

In addition to Georgetown and Florida, UConn and Michigan State will wear camouflage jerseys when they face one another in Germany, Syracuse and San Diego State will wear camo on the USS Midway in San Diego in a game that may have to be moved indoors, and Marquette and Ohio State join the fun aboard the USS Yorktown in Charleston.

Clearly the Hoyas have won the battle of camouflage uniforms, so we've got that going for us heading into the season opener IN JUST THREE DAYS.