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The Professors: Grading The Georgetown Basketball Experience

SirHoya and WarmupEwing are back and grading!

What a week for the Hoya Nation! Three games just told us a great deal about this team's character and where it is headed. A tremendous win over #11 UCLA, followed by a titanic clash with #1 Indiana (and a win over The Mount!) has everyone chattering about Georgetown's arrival on the big stage (except, of course, the Washington Post - ooh, look, a Redskin farted, a Terrapin belched...)

Anyway, Happy belated Thanksgiving, from your humble Professors of limited tenure. This week has shown that we Hoyas still have much to be thankful for. While the lack of homecourt muscle tussles has limited the scope for our pronouncements on the week, the cruel whip-crack that echoes around the dank and musty basement of Casual's compound compels the penning of a few contemplative missives, contained herein. Digest well.

In Otto We Trust.

The first gamewatches to actually feature full and complete games of basketball took place this week, and despite the holiday season, respectable showings can be reported. The larger crowd on Tuesday was surely a direct result of amazing $5 Makers Mark drink specials, which were consumed in copious quantities as the game approached the end of regulation and crashed on into OT. The replacement on the drink specials list from Monday to Tuesday of Port City Porter by some Flying Dog is also the main reason for our loss to Indiana. The obvious lesson is to never be without Porter again. Ever.
The atmosphere is special for these big-time games where the Hoyas have a sniff at victory; we encourage all Casualties in the DMV to try to make the pilgrimage at least once this season. GIF Goddess sightings also occasionally possible!
Next gamewatch: Dec 4 - Hoyas vs Texas; 7pm; HORSE

The Hoya faithful are not quite a travelling circus like some state schools where they have nothing better to do. However, if there's one place outside of Washington where you can count on Georgetown fans to show up for a game, it's Qatar New York City. Though they were outnumbered virtually 4:1 against behemoth bandwagons on both nights, the Hoya faithful definitely made a significant showing. Yes, valiant supporters, you were heard despite the obnoxious hoo-hoo-Hoosiers around you. Slight point deduction for lack of concessions documentation at the new Barclays Center (hey, shouldn't that be Centre?) How does the food stack up to MSG? Please tell us they sell knishes!

Nothing much to report on from The Phone Booth aside from the wonderful Anacostia High School Marching Tribe. HOWEVER let us once again recognize the awesome power of "F**K YOU, F**K YOOOOUUUUU" from the Double-Bird Flicker Extraordinaire, seen Tuesday at The Bank At The Heart Of The LIBOR Scandal. Well played sir, well played.

via Hoya Saxual


This would get an A+ if he had held a piece of Casual swag up to the camera, but we'll take this moment to thank Big Pat for his strong move with the G'town cap on Monday night, which clearly threw Shabazz off his game. Also, someone please get Patrick a headband right now, m'kay?

(5) BLOG:
For a blog that prides itself primarily on 1) pictures of food, 2) commenting on the quality of pictures of food, and 3) debating condiments, side dishes, and alcohol pairings, it sure was quiet around the most food-based holiday of the year. The Professors realize that the Thanksgiving table is probably the last bastion of privacy in traditional America, but still, what is modern Thanksgiving without thousands of gaudy pictures of alternative organic edible arrangements and cornucopia?

As for the basketball commentary that provides some background entertainment: major applause for the blog staff for churning out two cycles of content in 48 hours, providing comprehensive coverage for two major Georgetown clashes. There was some very lively chatter involving old and new Casualties for both contests.

We'll spare our readers yet another long-winded diatribe against the miserably corrupt dark gods that control the fate of American higher education, and just leave it at "fail". If we could give the NCAA and the BCS conferences an arbitrary credit rating, it would make Greece look like Scrooge McDuck. Oh wait, this is a hack column read by ten people, so we will:

While Coach occasionally sports a formidable array of olive to Peruvian brown suits, being the coach of Georgetown allows him to rock school colors while still keeping it classy at an A-list level. Monday's blue looked slightly demur (pocket squares are trending on the sidelines), while Tuesday's gray was a bit louder and accentuated by a razor-sharp striped tie. Made for primetime. (When Dapper Jay is inevitably canned by Nova, we are sure that JTIII will open up a seat on the sideline in order to unleash overpowering levels of suave on the Big East.)