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Georgetown Men's Soccer Defeats Syracuse on Penalty Kicks; Advances to Elite Eight

Georgetown beats Syracuse in sport. Need I say more?

Writing about soccer; this should turn out well...

Today, I witnessed the most invigorating of games as the men of the Georgetown University defeated the Oranges of the detention center know as Syracuse. The game was soccer, I believe, and oh what a game it was. After playing 90 whole minutes, the game was sent into an overtime, followed by another!! Then both sides decided to play kick and catch, but the Oranges were unable to compete as the Hoyas prevailed with a 4-2 victory in penalty kicks.

Now, some information copied verbatim from the announcers

  • Georgetown advances to its first ever Elite Eight
  • Georgetown out shot Syracuse 19-4 in the game
  • Syracuse scored early and went into its famous 2-3 zone defensive mode for the rest of the game
  • Georgetown freshman stud Brandon Allen scored the game-tying goal in the 85th minute
  • Team captain and star defensive player Tommy Muller did not play for Georgetown
  • The Syracuse goalie is named Bono
  • Georgetown will take on the winner of the Tulsa-San Diego game next Saturday (12/1) on North Kehoe Field at 1pm
  • Syracuse sucks, has always sucked, and will continue to suck in whatever sucky conference in which it chooses to suck in the future
HOYA SAXA and Kudos to the Men's Soccer Team.