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Casual GameWatch: Georgetown v. Indiana

Booze Early, Booze Often.


Well THAT was fun. So much so - let's do it all again tonight!

Get your afternoon naps in - the Hoyas tip off against the Hoosiers at 10pm, and your fellow Casualties will be collecting at Iron Horse to enjoy the following splendid specials...

$3 Bud Light
$3 Miller Light
$4 Flying Dog IPA
$4 Iron Horse Marzen
$5 Rail Drinks
$5 Absolut Cocktails
$5 Makers Mark Drinks

Also - in response to questions in some of the threads - unless you hear otherwise, please assume the Casual GameWatches will be taking place at Iron Horse, and that there will be drink specials of some kind. We'll be sure to let you know in advance if the venue changes for a game.