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2012-13 Georgetown Hoyas Player Profiles: Moses Ayegba

Time to see what Moses can do.

Man of Mystery
Man of Mystery

Our award-winning player profiles series rolls into this casual Friday with a look at junior center Moses Ayegba.

Last Season:
After playing in just six games during his freshman season (Moses was forced to sit out 9 games due to an inane NCAA rule violation), Moses missed all of last season after tearing his ACL during Kenner League. As such, we don't have much of a sample size on Moses, as he has scored a total of 10 points as a Hoya, all of which have come in garbage time against out of conference opponents. In Big East play, Moses has only played 14 minutes and has yet to attempt a shot.

Outlook for This Season:

Best Case Scenario:
Moses emerges from his injury purgatory and displays the defensive skills that led John Thompson II to compare his shot blocking ability to Patrick Ewing. Yes, that Patrick Ewing. In his early season minutes, Ayegba plays solid post defense and is able to convert on his few shot attempts per game. As the Big East schedule begins, Ayegba's minutes increase as Georgetown looks to him for help at center, and he is able to provide a solid 12-15 minutes per game splitting time at center with Mikael Hopkins. His shot blocking and much-needed physicality in the post helps anchor another top 10 Hoyas defense.

Worst Case Scenario:
Ayegba's lack of on court experience shows, and he is still too raw to provide meaningful minutes against Big East competition. As a result, the Hoyas are forced to rely on freshmen contributors Bradley Hayes and Brandon Bolden up front, and post play becomes a problem all year long for Georgetown.

In Kenner League this summer, Moses was playing on a team without any other Hoyas and again missed several games due to a mouth injury. From what I saw of Moses in his limited action this summer, he has been working on his running hook shot and was able to hit it with some consistency. He also improved his positioning on defense though is still a below the rim player and struggled against taller players. Coming off an ACL injury, hopefully he has been able to use the time off to get more comfortable in Georgetown's offense. Center is the biggest question mark for the Hoyas going forward, and since no one has gotten to see Bradley Hayes play that leaves Ayegba as at least the backup center heading into the opener against Florida. Even if Bradley Hayes turns out to be ready for prime time, I still expect for Moses to be in the rotation and could see as many as 20 minutes depending on Hayes' readiness.