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John Thompson III Is Confident That The On-Campus Athletic Facility Will Get Done

John Thompson III is confident that groundbreaking for the Intercollegiate Athletic Center will happen in the "very near future"

Mitchell Layton - Getty Images

Coach John Thompson III opened up to The Washington Post about the status of the IAC and the future of the Big East. With regards to the IAC, Thompson states:

I'm 100 percent certain it will happen in the very near future. A lot has changed. All the community, zoning and town issues and hurdles - we are past those. So now it's just a question of getting the money and putting the shovel in the ground.

Yeah so no news is good news? The facility is a main part of an ambitious $1.5 billion fundraising campaign launched last October. To date, Georgetown has raised more than half of the goal, although it is unclear how much of that total is reserved for the $60 million on-campus practice facility. As is all things Georgetown, no one has any clue what is going on.

As for the future of the Big East, Thompson made similar comments to those he gave to USA Today last week:

Intercollegiate athletics is going through an evolution. We're in the midst of it. It's not close to being over. And so I don't know what the intercollegiate landscape is going to look like two, three, four years down the road. I don't know what the Big East is going to look like two, three, four years down the road.

Can't disagree with Thompson's assessment; conference realignment is far from over and all Georgetown can do is continue on its current trajectory. Georgetown doesn't have much negotiating leverage in a landscape dominated by football rights, but who knows if football schools will even remain members of the NCAA in the future. Fun times ahead; hooray for amateur athletics!