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Take Back Section 118: Casual Ticket Offer from The Georgetown Stonewalls

Free Money and Scarves for everyone!


We want to inform you of a newly-founded alumni supporter group called the Stonewalls, focusing solely on improving the in-game fan experience at Georgetown Men's Basketball home games.

Over the past few seasons we've seen the passion and loyal support that exists in the young alumni sections at Verizon Center, but a group of us felt that there was a great opportunity to harness that enthusiasm and organize it in a way that makes the in-game experience more fun for us as fans while also providing the Hoyas with a better home court advantage.

Taking our inspiration from the world of fast-kicking, low scoring and ties, we decided to emulate the best supporter groups in the world, those of European Soccer. In keeping with that idea, we even designed our own scarves*, and we're hoping to inspire other Georgetown fans to cheer with us this season!

With that in mind, we've got a special offer on season tickets, and we couldn't think of a better group to spread the message to. We're looking for fans who will bring the same kind of enthusiasm and creativity that we see in the Casual Hoya community on a daily basis. We're also looking for anyone who is simply a Georgetown fan and will make sure that no seats in Section 118 end up on the Casual Hoya Traitor List this season. We want to make sure Verizon Center is a true home court for the Hoyas, and we're starting by taking back Section 118 for Georgetown Fans only.

As an incentive to join us, we would like to extend a special one-time limited offer on season tickets** to join us in Section 118 to root on the Hoyas!

As part of this offer, the Stonewalls will refund $50 towards the price of any new season ticket purchased in Section 118 for the upcoming season. Additionally, you will receive a free Georgetown Scarf, the signature feature of Section 118. Please note that the athletics contribution associated with season tickets ($50/seat for seats in Section 118) will still apply. This offer is valid on new season ticket purchases only; those who already have season tickets in Section 118 or any other section are not eligible for this refund.

We hope that you will make the choice to join us in helping to improve the home-court advantage for our Hoyas! If you are interested in purchasing new season tickets through this limited offer, please e-mail and tell them you were referred by the Stonewalls. The Georgetown Athletic Ticket Office will then assist you with your purchase.

For more information on the Stonewalls, please visit our website at

If you need additional information or have any questions, please e-mail us at

Hoya Saxa!

*Due to overwhelming demand we have sold out of our initial stock of 100 scarves. However, we will continue to accept orders and will mail them out once our next shipment arrives, hopefully no later than Monday, November 12th. We want to thank everyone for the tremendous amount of support we've received so far.

**This offer is subject to availability and may be canceled at any time.