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News and Notes From The Hoya Hoop Club Open Practice

Tyler Adams will not play for the Hoyas this season.

John Thompson III and the Georgetown Hoyas hosted the annual open practice for Hoya Hoop Club members this morning, and below are some of the more interesting tidbits from the Q&A session with JT3.

  • "We've got a good group of guys"
  • "Our team is unique" with no seniors. "We're young but experienced. It's a weird combination." "A lot of room for growth"
  • Wouldn't answer question who will be the center. "A couple guys fighting for that spot. Tyler Adams can't play this year."
  • "The rumors of our (the Big East's) demise have been greatly exaggerated" Can now recruit in Dallas, Houston, Memphis. "Those are good cities to be in."
  • Conference schedule may go to 20 games. Wants to play Syracuse. Hard to schedule.
  • What's the required GPA to get into Georgetown? "A lot"
  • On Recruiting: Georgetown has consistently been ranked. One of just 4 teams that has been in top ten each of last 6 years. "Kids understand who we are."
  • Does your dad ever give me advice? "As anyone who knows my dad, he gives his opinions." "I'm 46 now, I'm pretty good at tuning out my parents."
  • Practice facility timeline? Zoning, neighborhood issues overcome. "Strictly a question of fundraising." "The timeline is not soon enough" "It's something that has to happen yesterday" 3Q 2015 is current schedule.
  • Agreed team is athletic. May use more pressure in games.

Obviously the news regarding the 6'9" Tyler Adams is not good but it isn't completely surprising either. Adams played in just four games for the Hoyas last season before "heart issues" sidelined him. Though there are rumors that he has been medically cleared to play, it is probably safe to assume that Adams has likely played his last game as a Hoya, and it appears that the staff has been recruiting other forwards in the Class of 2013 knowing that his scholarship will more than likely become available next season. Indeed, highly touted '13 power forward Kennedy Meeks is on campus this weekend and word is that his parents love the school. Of course, that and a nickel will get you a pickle, but Meeks would be a big get for the program and would provide the Hoyas with their best bruising power forward since Michael Sweetney.